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Why are video doorbells so popular?

Why are video doorbells so popular?

Why are video doorbells so popular?
Today, people developing modern smart homes, are making their homes smarter and want to benefit from added security. With that in mind, why are video doorbells so popular for homeowners today?

As the owner or renter of a home, it is common that you might wish to invest in smart technology. Smart safe living is now part of the modern plan for anyone’s home so they can feel truly secure within. Among the many home security installations that one could make in their smart homes are video doorbells.
Video doorbells are a tremendous choice for various reasons, but what has played a role in their massive popularity? Why are people, more than ever, turning to video doorbell systems?

Why are video doorbells rising in popularity for smart homes?

Easier wiring than alternatives
One of the benefits of video doorbells is that, compared to other security systems, they are very easily fitted. These wireless designs mean that you do not have to traipse a series of wires through your property, indoors or outdoors. Now, you can avoid the complex wiring and installation that is common in many other doorbell systems.
With video doorbells, it really is a plug-and-play setup. This can save you plenty of valuable time, effort, and avoid any problems with getting the system operational.

Two-way voice control
Another reason that many people are turning to video doorbells for smart homes is the two-way voice control. If you are unsure why someone is at your door, you can speak to them through the App and hear their response.
This is very useful as it means that you can simply speak to them through the App provided. Now, instead of having to open the door to someone you do not know, you can make sure they clearly state their business beforehand. This reduces security risks when dealing with strangers and avoids unwanted cold callers.

Speak to visitors remotely
Since the video doorbell can be controlled via the App, you do not even have to be home to see someone at your door. Once someone rings the door, you will be notified and can then check the App. See who is knocking your door, speak to them directly, and let them know when you will be home so they can come back later. Or while you are not home you can tell them you are just out of the shower so you cannot open the door.
Now, you can avoid having to be at home to know that someone has called to your door!

Improve comfort and security
By knowing that you do not have to open the door to deal with a stranger, you can feel much safer. Now, if they appear pushy, aggressive or challenging, you do not have to risk an in-person interaction. For the elderly especially, this means that they can deal with cold callers and the like without having to deal with them personally. Someone else can even answer the call on your behalf if you so choose. So you could answer the door for your parents to unwanted callers.

Extra security for your property
The other primary reason for installing a video doorbell is the improved visibility. These doorbells come with 1080P video quality, so they can add improved visibility around your door and your surrounding area. This means that you can easily see more of your door, your porch area, your outdoors area, and even your car when installed in the right place.
This video doorbell acts as a crucial deterrent to stop thieves, intruders, and criminals from trying to get up to no good at your home.

Never miss a delivery again
A common problem with other forms of doorbell is that you might miss a caller. If you are busy working from home, enjoying some entertainment etc. you might miss the door going. With a video doorbell, though, you can easily be alerted to the presence of a courier and/or postal worker. Now, you can avoid missing that crucial delivery timeframe again! At even if you are not home, you can instruct the delivery driver where to leave your parcel.

Ready to invest in a video doorbell?
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