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Assure 4G SOS GPS Location Watch-Phone

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Assure 4G SOS GPS Location Watch-Phone

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  • Available from 10th October 2022

    WatchOvers Assure 4G SOS GPS Location Watch-Phone

    One in three older people fall every year with that figure increasing to half for people aged 80 and over. Two-thirds of them fall again within six months.

    People who have a fall or have an accident usually cannot get to their mobile phone or are unable to use it. And for people living alone, there is no one around to call out to. The Assure 4G watch-phone is always on hand in an emergency, simply press the button to call and talk to your loved one or carer. It looks like a normal smart watch but it is a mobile phone with its’ own special sim card which uses whichever is the best mobile network available so you can get service even in low signal areas, vital in case of an emergency.

    With our Automated Fall Alert SOS calling, you don’t even have to press the SOS button, the watch will automatically call the SOS number. Our 3rd generation watch phone has many additional features to help you care for and protect your loved ones.

    Why use the Assure 4G watch phone?

    SOS Emergency Alarm – One button press to call your emergency contacts and simultaneously send SOS alert notifications automatically through the App to your 3 Emergency contacts. The watch will call your emergency contact numbers one by one until the one person answers and will repeat the call cycle once more if the call is not answered the first-time round (voice mail does not count as being answered).
    Two Way Voice Communication – Make a phone call from the watch without a mobile phone. The watch has its’ own European sim card that is always roaming from network to network to get the best mobile signal in your area. A subscription is required which is pre-paid monthly with No Contract, Cancel Anytime.
    Fall Alert with Automatic Calling – The watch will alert the SOS contacts if your loved one has a fall by automatically calling the SOS number without having to press the SOS button. There are 6 settings for the level of sensitivity to reduce false alerts.
    GPS Location – See the watch location on your smartphone in real time. Location updated every 10 minutes or get the Live location with 1 press.
    GEO-Fence – You can create virtual outdoor fences or zones and receive alerts when your loved one leaves the zone. Location is updated every 10 minutes so alerts are received on the next 10 minute update.
    Health Monitors – The Assure 4G is a Heart Rate monitor, Blood Pressure monitor and a Blood Oxygen monitor. Simply press the measure button to get readings. Note: The Assure 4G is not a medical device and will give indicative readings only.
    Activity Monitor – This monitor lets you check that your loved one is active or moving, which is really helpful when caring for an elderly person or someone living alone.
    Reminders –You can set reminders that ring and display on the watch including recording your own voice with messages such as “Dad take your tablets now” which will play on the watch at the set time every day. Voice messages can be up to 15 seconds long and play automatically without pressing the watch.
    Alarms - You can set up to 3 alarms that can repeat every day, or the days you need them to, and they will ring on the watch. The alarms are great for reminders to take medicine at set times of the day or to wake up during the day after nap time.
    Only 1 Button – The Assure 4G has only 1 button making it very easy to remember how to use it with only 1 instruction in the case of an emergency.
    Long Battery Life – The battery will last for 2 days between charges on the 10 minute location setting and longer on the 30 minute or manual location settings. For elderly people we recommend a routine of charging it every day or every night
    Low Battery Alert – You can receive low battery alerts by SMS and by App notification when the battery level reaches 20% to allow plenty of time to recharge the watch should your loved one forget to charge it.
    Route Recording – You can view the route the wearer has taken when they are outdoors. The route will start after they leave their house on the next 10 minute update and will update every 10 minutes while outdoors.
    • Watch Finder - Play a sound to locate the watch if it has been misplaced.
    Listen Safety Monitor – In the event of an accident where your loved one cannot answer your call, the Administrator can call the watch and listen to the surroundings.
    Remote Camera Photo - In the event of an accident where your loved one cannot answer your call, the Administrator can take a photo using the watch camera to establish the surroundings, if the watch is not covered.
    Caller Approval – To help you protect the vulnerable, you control who can call the watch and who the watch can call.
    Watch Function – The Assure is also a watch, easy to read with a standard 12 hour clock.
    Pre-fitted Sim Card –The Assure 4G watch is fitted with our WatchOvers European Sim card. Unlike ordinary sim cards, it uses the strongest network available, very important in an emergency. Subscribe on our website, the sim card will be activated within 1 business day and the watch is ready to set up and use.
    Multi-Users – Add up to 10 users, for your family and carers.
    Multi Alert Messaging Methods – You can receive messages by phone call, SMS and app notification depending on the alert, so you never miss an SOS emergency alert.
    Full Back Up Support - The Assure 4G comes with full back-up support in English from the WatchOvers Team should you ever need any help.

    A subscription is required for mobile calls and SMS messaging alerts, pre-paid monthly, with No Contract, Opt Out Anytime. Your subscription costs only £3.23/€3.46 per week, paid monthly at £13.99/€14.99 per month and includes Unlimited Alert calls, watch Data and SMS messages. Subscribe once you receive your device, to activate the pre-fitted sim card. Your device comes with a Dutch or Spanish mobile number and unlike a standard sim card, it is not fixed to any one network, so they use the strongest mobile network, enabling your device to get mobile coverage even in weak signal locations, vital in times of emergency.

    • SOS Emergency Alarm
    • Two Way Voice Communication
    • Fall Alert with Automatic Calling
    • GPS Location
    • GEO-Fence
    • Health Monitors
    • Activity Monitor
    • Reminders
    • Alarms
    • Long Battery Life
    • Low Battery Alert
    • Route Recording & Playback
    • Watch Finder
    • Listen Safety Monitor
    • Remote Camera Photo
    • Caller Approval
    • Watch Function
    • Pre-fitted Sim Card
    • Multi-Users
    • Multi Alert Messaging Methods

    Our 5 Point Customer Promise:
    • Quality Guaranteed
    • Safe payments via PayPal®
    • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Help when you need it
    • We got you! Tracking number for every order

    • 1 X Assure 4G SOS GPS Location Watch-Phone
      1 x USB magnetic charging cable

    • Model No.: Assure 4G
      Material: ABS + PC + soft silicone
      Main Chipset: SL8521E from Spreadtrum Communications, Inc.
      GPS Chipset: Built-in
      Operation system: Mocor5 OS (based on Android 4.4.2)
      System Memory: 512MB RAM+4GB ROM
      Sim Card Slot: Nano SIM card slot
      Frequency Bands: GSM: B2 B3 B5 B8WCDMA: B1 B2 B5 B8FDD: B1 B2 B3 B5 B7 B8 B20 B28A
      Location Mode: GPS+AGPS+LBS+WiFi
      GPS Location Precision: 5-15m
      LBS Location Precision: 100-1000m
      LTE/GPS Antenna: Internal
      Battery: Built-in 700mAh polymer battery
      Cable Type: 4 PIN magnetic charging cable
      Display Screen: 1.4 inch IPS color touch screen, 240*240 pixels
      Camera: 0.3MP Pixels
      Waterproof Level: Splashproof

    • Length: 236.6mm (including Strap)
      Width: 41.5mm
      Depth: 15.1mm
      Weight: 55g