Ireland’s Best Mobile SOS Fall Alert Personal Alarm Watch for the Elderly

WatchOvers have created the future of personal alarms, comfortable and stylish, fall alert with automatic calling that works at home or out and about.

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A Fall can Happen as Fast as you can Click your Fingers.

Watch our video and see how our WatchOvers Personal Fall Alarm Watch works.

Personal Alarm Services

SOS Personal Alarm with Automatic Fall Detection and Mobile Calling

WatchOvers mobile personal alarm provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones. It helps you to remain safe and independent in the home you love. Without having to press a button, the watch will call your emergency contacts automatically if you have a fall.

Peace of mind for just €3.46 per week.

Don’t take the risk

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among adults age 65 and older. When your loved one falls, our smart safety watch will automatically call the SOS contacts even if they're not conscious.
Get Help If You Fall

Unlike other personal alarms WatchOvers personal alarm watch does not require you to push a button, if you fall the G-Sensor in the watch will detect it and make the call automatically. The GPS tracking in the watch will help you be found if you are unaware of your surroundings.

Get Help In An Emergency

If you are feeling unwell, lost, confused or have any sort of household emergency simply push the one button on the watch and your emergency contact will be called immediately.

30-day money back guarantee

If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchases we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee no hassle, no questions asked!

Independence when it's wanted, help when it's needed 💜

Fall Alert with Automatic Calling

The watch will alert the SOS contacts if your loved one has a fall by automatically calling the SOS numbers without having to press the SOS button, and it will also send a message to your contacts through the App.

Comfortable & Stylish

Unlike other personal alarms, the WatchOvers Personal Alarm Watch is comfortable and stylish meaning you don't have to feel embarrassed wearing an ugly pendant around your neck.

GPS Location

See the watch location on your smartphone in real time. Location updated every 10 minutes or get the Live location with 1 press.

SOS Emergency Alarm

One button press to call your Emergency contacts. Make a phone call from the watch without a mobile phone. One button press to call your emergency contacts and simultaneously send SOS alert notifications automatically.

Medical Reminders

You can set reminders that ring and display on the watch including recording your own voice with messages such as “Dad take your tablets now” which will play on the watch at the set time every day.

Irish Owned

100% Irish owned and Irish run company, we are always on hand to provide the support you may need. WatchOvers have been providing SOS Watches for 10 years since the beginning of this technology.

Protect your loved ones

One in three older people fall every year with that figure increasing to half for people aged 80 and over.Two-thirds of them fall again within six months. Falling is a cause of distress, pain, injury, loss of confidence, loss of independence and dignity. People who get disorientated or have a fall usually cannot get to their mobile phone or are unable to use it. And for people living alone, there is no one around to call out to.”

How the Assure 4G Watch Service works

Join our life-saving personal alarm service today and get peace of mind for you and your family.

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    Step One

    Purchase your Mobile SOS Personal Alarm Watch online and receive quick delivery of your new personal alarm. Our dedicated support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have or help you through the set up process.

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    Step Two

    Subscribe on our website, once you receive your watch to activate your warranty and sim card. Your subscription costs only €3.46 per week, paid monthly at €14.99 per month. Learn More.

  • 3
    Step Three

    To make a call from the watch, simply press and hold the button on the side of the watch for 5 seconds. If you have a fall, you don’t even have to press the button, the watch will automatically call your emergency numbers.

  • 4
    Step Four

    Talk to your family member directly on your watch, no need to talk to a stranger. And if the 1st emergency number does not answer the call, it will call your 2nd and then your 3rd numbers and repeat again so your call is answered.

Recommended by

Professor Moira O'Brien

President of the Irish Osteoporosis Society Charity

We love our watch, our Dad wears it all the time which gives him and all of us great comfort. Thanks Watchovers, great service, we are telling all our friends about you now.

All in all, I heartily recommend Watchovers and the Assure watch family. I have been using Watchovers for a technophobe aged parent since 2016 when I first purchased a Liberty watch. Since then, we both moved successfully to the first Assure watch, and just now the latest iteration, the Assure 4g.
With each iteration the features of both the watch and its app have improved, and learning curve is lessened for the watch wearer. I particularly like the way a fall now can be set to trigger a phone call to the SOS contacts.
Being able to determine the location of the wearer is also a great feature, and has been used on many occasions when out & about. Eimear and the team are always on hand to assist with setup and troubleshoot should any issues arise. I have recommended Watchovers to many people, both friends and family, and all can see its advantages.
All in all, I heartily recommend Watchovers and the Assure watch family.

I bought this watch after my fit and healthy dad had a stroke and unfortunately was left partially sighted and he lost all his confidence to go out jogging that he done every day this watch has gave him his confidence back knowing I can track exactly where he is and he can call me at the press of a button or I can call him it's been a life saver for him and me the staff at watchOvers are so helpful don't hesitate to buy one it's worth every penny

Thank God I bought this watch...I booked my mum who has dementia into a supposed secure nursing home for a few days respite...she escaped and walked 8 miles before they realised she had gone....I had put the watch on her wrist the night before as she likes the feel of she was wearing it and I found her....lucky to be alive...without it on I dread to think