Assure touch watch Our App

To Edit a contact, including the Administrator number, Tap Contacts.

Press and hold down on the contact number you wish to change or delete, a menu will appear allowing you to edit or delete the contact number.

Only the administrator can delete or change a contact number.

(Remember to use the international dialling code when adding contact numbers).

To change the watch mobile number in the App;

Go to the Main App screen and Tap Manage

Tap the watch mobile number at the top of the page

Tap on the watch mobile number again on the newly opened page

A box will appear with the mobile number visible allowing you to change the number.

Add the international code of the mobile number of the watch sim card in the first box such as +34

Add the rest of the number into the second box

Once you have completed the change, tap confirm

The Administrator and the backup administrators will receive the alert message when the boundaries are breached. As with all alert messages, the message settings on your phone must be set to allow messages.

The Backup Administrator can add contact numbers but cannot delete any contact numbers. Only the Administrator can delete contact numbers.

We have several Apps, you must download the App for your watch as the watch will only pair with the correct App.

For your Assure Touch watch download our “WatchOvers Family” app Or Click on this link to our Apps and select the correct App.

The administrator (the first person to add the watch to their App account) can control permission to add the watch.

This setting allows the administrator to permit or block anyone else from adding the watch to their account. For security we would advise keeping this in the off position and only turn it on while permitting someone to add the watch. Turn it off once they have successfully added the watch to their account

This can be set in your app under Contacts.

On the bottom right of the screen, slide the yellow button “Permit to add” to the left, the button will turn grey and display “Block adding” to permit or block the watch being added to another account.

When allowing another person to add the watch to their App, you will receive an approval request to allow them to add the watch. Once you confirm this approval request, they will need to logout of their App account and log in for the watch to appear in their account.

The Backup Administrator can add contact numbers to the watch but cannot delete contact numbers, only the Administrator can delete contact numbers.

You can add up to 16 contact numbers including the administrator in the contact list.

  • On the main page on your app Tap Contacts
  • Tap the Add button on the bottom left of the page to add a contact name/relation and number.

Note: Remember to use the full international dialling code when adding contact numbers.

To pair your Watch with the APP

  • Sign into the App and Click on the + icon in the top left hand side on the app
  • Scan the QR code from the card inside your watch box

OR manually enter the 16 digit CID code printed on the card in the box.

  • Enter a Watch Users Name and the Watch Mobile Number printed on the card inside the box or printed on the outside of the watch box starting with +34.

Note: The first account connected with the watch will become the watch administrator.

You can record and send voice messages to and from the watch, that can be played on the watch or on the App.

Voice messages from the Watch

Tap “Chat” on your watch.

Next Tap the administrator contact you wish to send your voice message to.

Hold to record your message and release to send your voice message

Record and send a Voice Messages from your app

Tap Message in your app.

Tap Hold to Talk and record your message, release to send your message.

Listen to voice messages on your watch

When the watch has a message you will see the Message symbol on the watch display. To listen to a message on a watch, tap the message symbol and your message will be played.   Use the button on the side of the watch to exit to main screen when you have finished listening to your message.

Listen to voice messages on your app

Tap Message icon on the bottom of the map screen, the icon will show display a red dot if you have any messages.  Once opened you will see your received message displayed in blue.  Tap on this and it will play your voice message.

You can remotely turn off the watch in the App and set the watch to power on again at a set time and date. In Manage, Turn off watch remotely.

No, the app is not designed to work on an iPad or other tablet. It is developed to work on Android and iOS smart phones only and therefore must be run on your mobile phone to work.

No, our App is not designed for Windows phones and does not work on BlackBerry devices. There may be some Android mobile phones that conflict with Android Apps including our App.

It is very easy to manage the contacts in your watch through the WatchOvers App, giving the parent/carer control on who can call the watch and who the watch can call, keeping your loved ones safe from unsolicited callers.  These numbers can be updated and changed as often as you like.

The Watch allows up to 16 contact numbers including the administrator, preset in the contact list. To add a contact number;

  • Press the Contacts icon to enter the setting page.
  • Tap Add to add a contact number.

Remember to use the international dialing code when adding contact numbers.

To Edit or Delete a current contact, press and hold down on the contact number you wish to edit or delete, a menu will appear allowing you to edit or delete the contact.  Only the administrator can edit or delete a contact.

All settings and changes are updated instantly.

The watch is indoors if this is happening. The watch is primarily a GPS device for when the wearer is outdoors. For outdoor location working on GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), this means it gets its position when the watch is outdoors and can access a satellite. When you are looking at the location map on our App you will see a location pin and box displaying the location address and what signal the watch is working off, either GPS, LBS or WiFi, to give you its current location.

When the watch is indoors and GPS is displayed on the App, up you can sometimes get shadowing which can make the GPS location display anywhere from 10 meters to 100+ meters from its actual location.

LBS (Local Base Station) can be displayed when the watch is indoors and this indicates cellular positioning which is usually accurate from 100 meters to 1000+ meters depending on the distance away from your nearest mobile phone base station that the watch is registered to.

In general GPS devices are designed for outdoor use, therefore they are not as accurate when used indoors. Please note that when locating a watch indoor the location can show as close as the house next door, or a lot further away depending on the LBS unit it is connected to. It is important to look at the location box to see if the watch is using GPS or LBS for location as LBS is not as reliable.

Yes, it is best practice to always use the International format such as +44 in the UK or +353 in Ireland etc. when adding contct phone numbers. This will allow the watch recognise the number when calling from another country when travelling.

For times when you and/or the watch are in another country, in order for the watch to recognise the preset numbers as approved numbers when calling the watch, you add the International prefix when setting your contact numbers such as +44 or +353 etc and when adding your own phone number.

A Geo-Zone is an area with a virtual boundary or fence set by you. For example you can set up a Geo-zone around your house, school or park and receive an alert if the watch leaves the zone. Zones can also be set that you get an alert if the watch enters the zone, exits a zone and Enters or exits a zone.

  • * To set a Geo-Zone, press the Geo-Zone icon.
  • * Press the Plus symbol to add a new Geo-Zone.
  • * Tap on the screen to move the location of the zone you wish to set. If the location is off the screen, move the screen to the location you wish to set the zone and tap on the screen once to move the zone area to your map location.
  • * Set the diameter using the slider.
  • * Tap on Settings to set your Geo-Zone name and tap the Alert Policy to receive an alert if the watch exits a zone, enters a zone or both enters or exits a zone.
  • * Tap complete to save your new Geo-Zone

The watch updates it’s position automatically every 60 seconds so simply open the map screen to see the current location.

If you have the watch set in Manual mode, the watch will send it’s position only when you press the Locate button on the map screen. Press the Locate icon on the bottom left of the map screen to check the current position of the watch.

The battery charge lasts longer in manual mode but Geo-Zones feature and track mode will not work.

To change the Tracking mode, tap Manage, choose tracking mode and tick the mode you wish to change the tracking to.  The circle will turn blue to confirm the setting you have selected is now set.

You can change the map view to satellite map, 2D map, or 3D map by pressing the circular icon near the top right hand side of the screen.

You will receive alert notifications when the SOS button is pressed or when the watch breaches a Geo-Zone you have created or if the battery charge is low.

To see the history of where the watch has been, Press the Track icon to show the location history of the watch. It will automatically default to “today” you can change this by either tapping on the word “today” and choosing a date from the calendar or by choosing the “pre” and “next” button. The route history will display with lines from point to point.

Yes, up to 16 people, such as Mum and Dad for example can receive the alert notifications on their smartphones at the same time, once they have downloaded the App, registered their own account and added the watch to their account.

No, you cannot send text messages from or to the Watch but you can send and receive voice messages. You will receive alert message through the App for low battery, SafeZone alerts and when the SOS numbers have been called.