Assure touch watch Getting started

If you have not received the verification code, please check your Junk email folder. If the code has timed out or the email is not in your Junk folder, please start the registration process again using email registration and when you get the message that the verification code has been sent, check your Junk mail if you have not received the email in your inbox. It is important to check you have added your email address in correctly when registering.

You can add any mobile and landline numbers to the watch as contact numbers. The watch will also accept 999 as a contact number but we would advise that 999 would not be suitable for a young child or any person who may make calls by accident.  You should check with your local emergency service department before adding 999.

Most numbers can be added once the correct number is displayed when this number calls the watch as the watch much recognise the number to allow the call to connect. VOIP numbers may not work where the phone number is not displayed but will work if the number is displayed correctly.  To test this you can call your mobile from the number you wish to add to see that the number displays correctly. If you have this number named as a contact in your mobile, call another mobile from the number or remove it as a contact in your phone first to see if the number displays correctly when calling.

We have several Apps, you must download the App for your watch as the watch will only pair with the correct App.

For your Assure Touch watch download our “WatchOvers Family” app Or Click on this link to our Apps and select the correct App.

The watch or device mobile number is printed on the side of the box and on the Device ID Card inside the box.

To protect the battery, please charge the watch for at least 12 hours for the 1st 3 charges.

Always use the USB cable provided and a CE approved USB charger plug with an output: 5.0V-1.0A, to avoid irreparable damage.

All payments are handled by the payment company, Stripe,  who manage all credit card details securely. Simply complete the short subscription form on our Subscribe page using your credit card and adding your watch mobile number, and your subscription payment is set up. Your subscription will then be charged automatically each month. There are no detailed direct debit or other forms to complete.

All payments are charged on the 1st day of each month. Consequently, your 1st bill may be for a partial period in arrears, calculated from the day of month you subscribed to the last day of the month, and added to your first full monthly charge in advance. All payments thereafter will be charged monthly in advance on the 1st day of each month.

When you receive your watch, you must first subscribe on our website for your monthly subscription which provides you with 60 minutes talk time and all the location data within 31 European countries.  If you have not subscribed, your sim card will be deactivated and the watch will not work.

Please contact us at for further assistance

Please use our Quick Set-up Guide to set up your watch and App. We advise that you read the User’s Manual to familiarise yourself with all the features of the Assure Touch Watch.

Click on the link below for our 6 Step Quick Set-up Guide and our Users Manual

6 Step Quick Set Up Guide Assure Touch

Assure Touch User’s Manual

No, you can purchase without having to register a PayPal account, just choose the “Pay with Credit/Debit” card option.

The first location signal can take a few minutes depending on the watch boot up, SIM card activation and data transmission, similar to a mobile phone.

If it is taking more than 15 minutes, please place the device outside for a few minutes as it is easier to pick up a signal outdoors. Please ensure that you have an active subscription for the device.

For times when you and/or the watch are in another country, in order for the watch to recognise the preset numbers as approved numbers when calling the watch, you add the International prefix when setting your contact numbers such as +44 or +353 etc and when adding your own phone number.

The watch comes with an ‘always roaming’ SIM card based in Spain with a Spanish mobile number.

With our ‘always roaming’ Spanish sim card included, unlike a standard sim card, they use the strongest mobile network, enabling the watch to get mobile coverage even in weak signal locations, vital in times of emergency.

All calls to the SIM card from outside Spain will be charged by your mobile/landline operator at their tariff for calling Spain.  As the device is not intended for long communications, the cost of calling the device should not be significant for general use.

Most mobile operators let you add low rate international calls for no additional charge or for a nominal charge, but you must contact them and Opt in. Check with your mobile operator as it varies from operator to operator.

Up to 16 numbers can call the watch. These numbers are added through the app and will display on the watch also allowing the watch to call these numbers.

A Geo-Zone is an area with a virtual boundary or fence set by you. For example you can set up a Geo-zone around your house, school or park and receive an alert if the watch leaves the zone. Zones can also be set that you get an alert if the watch enters the zone, exits a zone and Enters or exits a zone.

  • * To set a Geo-Zone, press the Geo-Zone icon.
  • * Press the Plus symbol to add a new Geo-Zone.
  • * Tap on the screen to move the location of the zone you wish to set. If the location is off the screen, move the screen to the location you wish to set the zone and tap on the screen once to move the zone area to your map location.
  • * Set the diameter using the slider.
  • * Tap on Settings to set your Geo-Zone name and tap the Alert Policy to receive an alert if the watch exits a zone, enters a zone or both enters or exits a zone.
  • * Tap complete to save your new Geo-Zone

The 31 countries with no roaming charges when using the Assure watch are; Austria , Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia , Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

There is NO lengthy 12 or 24 month contract, it is just pre-paid monthly, with No Contract, so you can Opt Out Anytime. Simply pay month to month which is debited automatically in advance to your account on 1st day of each month, giving you the freedom of a 30 day contract.

Our subscription is £8.95/€9.95 per month which includes 60 minutes talk time, all monthly location data required and no roaming charges within 31 European countries. It is pre-paid monthly, with No Contract, so you can Opt Out Anytime.

Subscriptions are only £7.45 / €8.45 each per month for 2 or more watches.

You must subscribe once you receive your watch to activate your watch sim card and register your warranty.  All payments are charged on the 1st day of each month. Consequently, your 1st bill may be for a partial period in arrears, calculated from the day of month you subscribed to the last day of the month, and added to your first full monthly charge in advance. All payments thereafter will be charged monthly in advance on the 1st day of each month.

For all payment information Click here for our Pricing page on our website.

You will receive alert notifications when the SOS button is pressed or when the watch breaches a Geo-Zone you have created or if the battery charge is low.

No, our Watch-Phone is a stand alone mobile phone that you can make calls from and to. Only phone numbers that you have added through the App, can call the watch or can be called from the watch.

Orders received before 12am each day will be shipped the same day and delivery times are listed on our shopping cart when you add an order to your card as delivery times vary from country to country. Orders received on Saturday and Sunday are treated as being placed on Monday. Orders on Public holidays are treated as being received the next business day.

No, your Watch-Phone comes with a sim card pre-fitted.

To make an sos call just press and hold the SOS button on the side of the watch for 3 seconds.

To make a call to a specific phone number in your contact list, on the touch screen watch face, swipe across until Phone Book appears, tap this once and it will being up the first contact in your app, continue to swipe the screen until you see the contact number you wish to call displayed. Tap on this number to connect the call.

To make an SOS call, with the watch display visible, press and hold (Long press) the SOS button on the side of the watch for 3 seconds, the watch will automatically send a message to the “family contact list” that have added the watch to their App account on their smartphone and will dial the Administrator 3 times and then the 1st Back Up Administrator contact numbers 3 times until the phone get through successfully. Voicemail counts as getting through successfully.

Note: If the watch display screen is not showing, short press the SOS button and then long press the SOS button to make an SOS call.  This 2 press feature is designed to avoid making accidental calls.

To Register your Administrator Account

  • * Connect your phone with WiFi or switch ON your mobile data to get the internet connection.
  • * On the App login screen click New User, enter your email address and your mobile number and click Next to receive your registration code automatically by email.
  • * Enter the registration code (within 10 minutes or repeat the process) and click Next.
  • * Enter a password that you will remember and click Register.

Note: All phone numbers in the App should be setup using the international prefix such as +44, +353, +33, +49, +39, +34 etc. so they work with the watch when travelling to another country.