Smart Living

We are all about living smarter and using technology to make our life easier. Why struggle and continuously get frustrated with poor Wi-Fi in parts of your house when there is an easy solution – use a Wi-Fi mesh. Why miss deliveries because you are not at home to answer the door and have to drive to collect your parcel, when there is an easy solution – install a video doorbell.

There are easy solutions to many things that continue to frustrate us, we just need to take action and deal with it. Smart Living and Smart Homes make your life easier and can save you money. From monitoring your energy use or turning on and off appliances from afar using smart plugs are a very simple way to make life easier. Not sure if you unplugged your hair straightener before you left the house, simply, click on the app and turn off the plug.

With our Smart Home devices you can have great Wi-Fi all over your home, Arm & Disarm your home security from anywhere, Turn on lights, check your camera's, control any plugged in device, and even talk to someone at your front door, no matter where you are in the world. Welcome to your WatchOvers Smart Home

Smart Safe Living - Making Life Easier with Smart Wireless Technology