PetTrackie -FAQ


If your card has expired or you wish to use a different card for your subscription payment, please Click Here to update or change your card details.

If you are logging in for the 1st time, please reset your password.

The email address you subscribed with is your User name and the temporary password is 123456. You will be prompted to reset this password before you can update or change your card details. An email will be sent to your subscription email address to confirm your new password. The reset password link in this email will expire in 10 minutes. Please note the email address is case sensitive.

We do not store or have access to your card details. All card details are securely stored by Stripe.

Our PetTrackie would only be suitable for a large cat, at least 4.5kg in weight.

Click here and scroll down the dimensions, weight and specifications of the device.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing requesting cancellation and we will deactivate your sim card and cancel your subscription for you. Unfortunately part monthly subscriptions cannot be refunded.

To reactivate your sim card, simply re-subscribe and forward a copy of your subscription confirmation email to and we will reactivate your sim card within 1 business day.  There is no charge for deactivation and reactivation.


The PetTrackie is 100% waterproof in water to a depth of -1 meter for up to 30 minutes, maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius as long as the back or side of the device has not been opened. The PetTrackie is not vapour proof.

No it does not come with either a UK or Irish sim card.  The watch comes with a European ‘always roaming’ SIM card based in Spain with a Spanish mobile number.

This advanced sim card is a European ‘always roaming’ sim card, unlike standard sim cards, they are not fixed to any one mobile network and will roam from network to network enabling the device to connect to any 2G available network, vital in times of emergency.

The always roaming feature does not work in the country the sim card is issued from, i.e. Spain for device mobile numbers beginning with +34.


Our device is designed to work with our sim card. Attempting to change our sim card will void your warranty and we will be unable to provide Support to resolve any issues created.

Wi-Fi is not necessary for the functioning of the device. It is not required for data connection purposes as this is covered in the data plan on the SIM card.

When the Wi-Fi service does become active, it is for enhanced location purposes and does not need to be paired nor is there a need for a password.

To Download the WatchOvers PetTrackie APP

Scan the QR code on Users Manual,

OR on your smart phone go to and download our App by clicking on the App Store or Google Play Buttons,

OR search for “WatchOvers PetTrackie” in Google play or the App Store to download our App and click install.

After install is complete please click “OK” to allow notifications in order to receive alerts & notifications.

Note:  We have more than 1 App, please download the WatchOvers PetTrackie App. Screens may vary for Android and iOS.



There is NO lengthy 12 or 24 month contract, it is just pre-paid monthly, with No Contract, so you can Opt Out Anytime. Simply pay month to month which is debited automatically in advance to your account on 1st day of each month, giving you the freedom of a 30 day contract.

Orders received before 12am each day will be shipped the same day and delivery times are listed on our shopping cart when you add an order to your card as delivery times vary from country to country. Orders received on Saturday and Sunday are treated as being placed on Monday. Orders on Public holidays are treated as being received the next business day.

No, your PetTrackie comes with a sim card pre-fitted so you are ready to go out of the box. Simply subscribe on our website to activate your sim card.

Yes, up to 16 people can receive the alert notifications on their smartphones at the same time, once they have downloaded the App and added the device to their account.

In general the battery lasts approximately 2 days in Automatic Mode updating the location every 60 seconds.  In weak signal areas, the battery life can be shorter.  In Manual Location Mode (not using Geo fencing) the battery may last 2- 3 days.

Battery life will vary as it is affected by several factors including the strength of your mobile and WiFi coverage and how frequently the device is moving. Where signal strength is weak, the draw on the battery is greater hence the battery will run down faster than these approximate times. The PetTrackie only takes 2 hours to recharge the battery.

You can change the Tracking mode in Manage Settings to Manual mode. The device location will only update when you press the “Loc” location button on the map screen and once every 11 minutes to run a check on the device. This check will not update the location.  If you are using Geo-fencing, do not set the device to Manual Mode as the Geo-fencing will not work as the location data is not being sent automatically.

To Register your App Account, firstly connect your phone with WiFi or switch ON your mobile data to get the internet connection.

On the App login screen choose New User, enter your email address and your mobile number using your international prefix such as 0044, 00353, 0033, 0049, 0039, 0034 etc. and Tap Next to receive your registration code automatically by email. Check your junk mail if you do not receive the email.

Enter the registration code (within 10 minutes or repeat the process) and Tap Next.

Enter a password that you will remember and  Tap Register.