Liberty Watch FAQ's

The back of the watch states the watch is 3ATM Water Resistant. This does not mean the watch is waterproof. 3ATM Water Resistant is often misinterpreted as waterproof to 3 meters or 30 meters.

Below are 3 common sources explaining 3ATM Water Resistant;

Google Search “what is 3 ATM water resistant” or “what does 3ATM mean”

30m, 3 atm = Splash resistant. Ok for rain, hand washing, other occasional contact with water. 50m, 5 atm = Suitable for swimming, fishing, other outdoor activities. 100m, 10 atm = Suitable for snorkeling and other prolonged contact with water, but not for scuba

Water Resistant 3 atm or 30 m Suitable for everyday use. Splash/rain resistant. Not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkelling, water related work and fishing. Not suitable for diving.

3ATM (30 meters= ~100 ft.): This is the initial level of protection/water resistance. This is the basic standard to which the majority of watches sold today are built, both high-end and low-cost watches (there are real cheapies that don’t even have this, but they are not a subject of this guide). I wouldn’t even think of purposely immersing a watch with this rating for any period of time. Try to cover it up in the rain. If you get it wet, dry it off ASAP. NO SHOWERS and NO SWIMMING!

The Liberty is splash proof for everyday use, only when the charging port door is firmly closed. It is not waterproof.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing requesting cancellation and we will deactivate your sim card and cancel your subscription for you. Unfortunately part monthly subscriptions cannot be refunded.

To reactivate your sim card, simply re-subscribe and forward a copy of your subscription confirmation email to and we will reactivate your sim card within 1 business day.

No, the Liberty watch-phone is not water proof. The Liberty is splash proof for everyday use, only when the charging port door is firmly closed. It is not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming or other similar water conditions. Care should be taken while washing your hands. For young children we advise the watch should be removed while washing hands or other similar water situations.

The Liberty watch will fit a wrist up to 17.5 cm. The smallest setting is 12.5 cm but the watch can be worn a little loose for wrists smaller than 12.5 cm.

Here is a YouTube video to show you how to measure your wrist with a piece of paper and a standard ruler.

No it does not come with either a UK or Irish sim card.  The watch comes with a European SIM card based in Spain with a Spanish mobile number, in order to provide the great benefit of no roaming charges anywhere within 31 European Countries and the USA.  All calls to the SIM card from outside Spain will be charged by your mobile/landline operator at their tariff for calling Spain.  As the device is not intended for long communications, the cost of calling the device should not be significant for general use.

Some mobile operators let you add low rate international calls for no additional charge or for a nominal charge, but you must contact them and Opt in. Check with your mobile operator as it varies from operator to operator.

It is not an option to remove the sim card and use a pay as you go (PAYG) sim card. Opening up the device with make your warranty null and void.
At WatchOvers, we feel strongly that an SOS emergency device should not be on pay as you go sim , as you cannot risk the service not being available when you need it, i.e. in an emergency. In addition we have found pay as you go services are not usually as good as our service. When our sim cards are roaming, they use the best available network for that location, whether it is our mobile provider or not. With Pay as you go sim cards, you are stuck on 1 network.
In addition for Pay as you go and for many other services, the sim cards can be subject to “steering’ by the sim card provider. Steering is the process by which a mobile operator decides which partner their subscribers will use whilst roaming. These choices are usually exercised to take advantage of better prices from partners or based on bi-lateral agreements they with partners in that location. The quality of better priced networks is not usually as good. As part of our agreement with our mobile provider, our sim cards are not subject to steering.

Wi-Fi is not necessary for the functioning of the Liberty watch. It is not required for data connection purposes as this is covered in the data plan on the SIM card.

When the Wi-Fi service does become active, it is for enhanced location purposes and does not need to be paired nor is there a need for a password.

Our App can be downloaded by clicking the App Store or Google Play button on the top of our website or by clicking the appropriate link below.

Simply open our website on your smartphone and click on the App Store or Google Play button to download our App for Free.

App buttons


Or to download our App for iOS on your smartphone please click here >> Download

To download our App for Android on your smartphone please click here >> Download

There are no text message fees as all messaging is free through the App. You cannot send messages from or to the Watch. You will receive alert message through the App for low battery, SafeZone alerts and when the SOS numbers have been called.

No, the watch transmits messages through the App and does not require SMS for messaging or commands. This reduces the cost as there is no text messaging costs.

There is no lengthy 12 or 24 month contract, simply pay month to month which is debited automatically in advance to your account on the same day each month, giving you the freedom of a 30 day contract.

No, our Watch-Phone is a stand alone phone that you can make calls from and to, and also receive text messages.

Orders received before 1pm each day should be delivered to you in 3 business days. Orders received on Saturday and Sunday are treated as being placed on Monday with delivery expected on Thursday. Orders on Public holidays are treated as being received the next business day.

No, your Watch-Phone comes with a sim card pre-fitted.

Yes, the Liberty Watch-Phone comes with a 12 month warranty. Full details of our warranty is on our products pages. For more information go to

Yes, Mum and Dad for example can receive the alert notifications on their smartphones at the same time, once they have both downloaded the App and being given the password of the watch by the Master Guardian.

No, as an additional safety feature, only approved numbers can call the watch. You can add up to 8 approved phone numbers in the App such as your Mum, Dad, Child Minder, Grandparents or who you wish.

The battery can last up to 48 hours on standby and about 8 hours with day to day usage. You will receive messages to alert you as the battery is running low. We advise that you charge the watch once a day such and allow about 90 minutes to fully charge.

To get started all you need is to download the app, add your own personal mobile number for the Username, add a password you will remember and follow the brief instructions in our App.

To download our App, simply open our website on your smartphone and click on the App Store or Google Play button to download our App for Free.

App buttons

After installing our App, please say “OK” to push notifications, to allow you to receive notification and messages from the watch.  Swipe the screen left to go to the 2nd screen and press the “Start” button to enter the App.

Account set up

Press “Create New Account” button and enter your information when prompted. Your username should be your own mobile phone number including the international code +44 or +353 for example.

Account set up 2

If you have an account already set up, manually enter your own mobile phone number (not the watch phone number), enter your password and click “sign in” to login.