Assure Touch Watch Troubleshooting

Firstly check that the watch is charging when you have it plugged in. Press the Power on button once to light up the screen and you should see the battery charging symbol. This is to ensure there is no problem with the charging cable or the socket you have it plugged into.

Next hold the Power on button for about 10 seconds to see if the watch will power on.

Inspect the charging cable to ensure there is no damage to the charging cable.

Try charging the watch using a different socket or test the socket you are using with another appliance to confirm the socket is working correctly

Check if there any sign of damage to the watch.

Please contact with the results of the above checks so we may assist you promptly.

The App must be set to allow messages or notifications on your phone screen.

When you download the App first, you should click “OK” to allow notifications in order to receive alerts & notifications for SOS calls, GeoZone breaches and low battery.

If the notifications are not appearing on your phone screen;

Go into settings on your phone

You will have a list of your Apps, select our WatchOvers App

Check the settings for the App to make sure that screen notifications are turned on

Example of the notification screen for an iPhone

There can be a number of reasons why you cannot call the watch, please check the following;

  1. Check in your mobile phone settings that you do not have your Caller ID blocked.
  2. The number you are calling from must be added as a contact in the App. Only numbers in the app can call the device.
  3. Ensure there are no spaces in the contact number you have entered.
  4. You can call your number from the watch and then using the call log return the call to the watch. This will ensure that you are calling the correct watch number
  5. Make sure that your mobile plan allows you to make international calls.
  6. If you cannot call the watch and watch cannot make calls, please ensure that your subscription has been paid so your sim card is active.

If you still cannot call the watch, please contact us at confirming your watch mobile number and any of the checks above you have tried.

There can be a number of reasons for this.

Firstly please ensure your mobile data is turned on.

Please go into the settings for our app on your phone and change the setting so the phone alerts are on (we cannot advise the exact way to change these settings as each phone is different).

This can also happen if there is two or more people logged into the same app account (using the same login details). In this case it may only alert one user and not the other.

2 or more people using the same account can cause various conflicts.  We always recommend each person wanting to track the device set up their free app account and add the watch to their account.

Please check that you have downloaded the correct app for your watch as we have a number of different apps. Your watch can only be added to the correct App. For the Assure Touch app, search “WatchOvers Family” in the relevant App store.

If you are still having problems adding your watch, please contact

The sim card is pre-fitted into the watch during manufacture.  Our watch is designed to work with our sim card. Attempting to change our sim card or open the sim card port door will void your warranty and we will be unable to provide Support to resolve any issues created.

Please email us at if you have any sim card issues.

The watch works with all mobile operators with the exception of one Irish operator, Virgin Ireland. The watch can make outgoing calls to Virgin Ireland mobile and landline numbers but Virgin Ireland’s mobile and landline network are unable to call the watch currently. There are no issues with Virgin UK calling the watch.

If your mobile operator or landline is with Virgin Ireland please contact us at before ordering your watch.

This product is guaranteed by the manufacturer for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover defects arising from accidental damage, misuse or wear and tear and is available only to the original purchaser of the product. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Please contact us at should you have any questions or require any assistance.

No, our App is not designed for Windows phones and does not work on BlackBerry devices. There may be some Android mobile phones that conflict with Android Apps including our App.

When you receive your watch, you must first subscribe on our website for your monthly subscription which provides you with 60 minutes talk time and all the location data within 31 European countries.  If you have not subscribed, your sim card will be deactivated and the watch will not work.

Please contact us at for further assistance

To set the correct time and date on the watch, Press the Manage icon in your app, tap Device Time, if the date or time is incorrect you can update to the correct time and date, by simply pressing and holding down the time or date and a menu will appear allowing to you change it. Once corrected click confirm and then Done.

On the map screen, press on the location pin, a box will appear displaying the location address, time, date, battery level and what signal it has connected to at this point. The signal will be displayed in the bottom left of the box.

For security reasons we do not have access to your passwords in a format that we can retrieve manually. If you have forgotten your password, there is a reset password option on the login screen on your app.

To Quit out of your app, on the main app page in your app, you will see a cog shaped symbol on the top right hand side, tap this and it will give the option to Quit out of your app and bring you back to the log in page.

To Add or change a photo in the App;

Go to the Main App screen and tap Manage

Tap on the cartoon face in the top left corner

Tap on Modify Image displayed under the cartoon face

Choose Gallery to chose a photo from your phone or choose Take pictures to take a photograph to use.

There is no flight mode option on the Assure Touch watch phone.  You can simply power off the watch when going on a flight by Tapping on Manage in the App and select Power of the watch remotely. You can set it to automatically power back on at a set time. Alternatively when you reach your destination you can power back on the watch and wait a couple of minutes for the watch to activate.

Remember if you have changed time zones, update the watch time in Manage, Device Time.

The watch is indoors if this is happening. The watch is primarily a GPS device for when the wearer is outdoors. For outdoor location working on GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), this means it gets its position when the watch is outdoors and can access a satellite. When you are looking at the location map on our App you will see a location pin and box displaying the location address and what signal the watch is working off, either GPS, LBS or WiFi, to give you its current location.

When the watch is indoors and GPS is displayed on the App, up you can sometimes get shadowing which can make the GPS location display anywhere from 10 meters to 100+ meters from its actual location.

LBS (Local Base Station) can be displayed when the watch is indoors and this indicates cellular positioning which is usually accurate from 100 meters to 1000+ meters depending on the distance away from your nearest mobile phone base station that the watch is registered to.

In general GPS devices are designed for outdoor use, therefore they are not as accurate when used indoors. Please note that when locating a watch indoor the location can show as close as the house next door, or a lot further away depending on the LBS unit it is connected to. It is important to look at the location box to see if the watch is using GPS or LBS for location as LBS is not as reliable.

The first location signal can take a few minutes depending on the watch boot up, SIM card activation and data transmission, similar to a mobile phone.

If it is taking more than 15 minutes, please place the device outside for a few minutes as it is easier to pick up a signal outdoors. Please ensure that you have an active subscription for the device.

If you have lost the watch mobile phone number, simply call your number from the watch and the watch phone number will appear on your phone. Make sure the phone number you want to ring from the watch is added as a phone number in the App first.

The watch or device mobile number is printed on the side of the box, printed on the Device ID card inside the box and is in the app, if you have already added the number to the app.