Assure Touch Watch-features

ShakeShake to make “Voice Message” friends

Your Assure Touch watch comes with a Shake-Shake to make friends feature for 2 watches to share their contact details with each other so they can send voice messages to each other.

To use this feature, on the two watches Tap “Add Friends” an image will appear on each watch of two wrists shaking, when these images appear on each watch, shake each watch.  An image will then appear on each watch of two watch faces, this indicates it is synchronising each watch.  You can add up to 10 Voice Message contacts to each watch. These contacts do not affect your 16 contact number limit.

Note: These contacts can only voice message each other. If you wish for 2 watches to call each other, you must add each watch mobile number in to each watches contact list.

It is very easy to manage the contacts in your watch through the WatchOvers App, giving the parent/carer control on who can call the watch and who the watch can call, keeping your loved ones safe from unsolicited callers.  These numbers can be updated and changed as often as you like.

The Watch allows up to 16 contact numbers including the administrator, preset in the contact list. To add a contact number;

  • Press the Contacts icon to enter the setting page.
  • Tap Add to add a contact number.

Remember to use the international dialing code when adding contact numbers.

To Edit or Delete a current contact, press and hold down on the contact number you wish to edit or delete, a menu will appear allowing you to edit or delete the contact.  Only the administrator can edit or delete a contact.

All settings and changes are updated instantly.

The watch is primarily a GPS device for when the wearer is outdoors. For outdoor location working on GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), this means it gets its position when the watch is outdoors and can access a satellite. When you are looking at the location map on our App you will see a location pin, displaying the address and what the watch is working off, either GPS or LBS or WiFi to give you its current location.

GPS indicates satellite positioning and its accuracy is 3 meters to 30 meters. When the watch is indoors and GPS is displayed on the App, up you can sometimes get shadowing which can make the GPS location display anywhere from 10 meters to 100+ meters from its actual location.

LBS (Local Base Station) can be displayed when the watch is indoors and this indicates cellular positioning which is usually accurate from 100 meters to 1000+ meters depending on the distance away from your nearest mobile phone base station that the watch is registered to.

With regards to GPS working inside of buildings, GPS signals are carried through waves at a frequency that does not move easily through solid objects. A GPS device relies on a series of satellites in order to determine where it is physically located. The signals sent from these satellites do not penetrate all kinds of barriers with ease. When you use a GPS inside a building, a wide variety of physical barriers and potential interference sources make it difficult for the device to pinpoint your location accurately.

In general GPS devices are designed for outdoor use, therefore they are not as accurate when used indoors. Please note that when locating a watch indoors the location can show as close as the house next door, or a lot further away depending on the LBS unit it is connected to. It is important to look at the location bubble to see if the watch is using GPS or LBS for location as LBS is not as reliable.

A Geo-Zone is an area with a virtual boundary or fence set by you. For example you can set up a Geo-zone around your house, school or park and receive an alert if the watch leaves the zone. Zones can also be set that you get an alert if the watch enters the zone, exits a zone and Enters or exits a zone.

  • To set a Geo-Zone, press the Geo-Zone icon.
  • Press the Plus symbol to add a new Geo-Zone.
  • Tap on the screen to move the location of the zone you wish to set. If the location is off the screen, move the screen to the location you wish to set the zone and tap on the screen once to move the zone area to your map location.
  • Set the diameter using the slider.
  • Tap on Settings to set your Geo-Zone name and tap the Alert Policy to receive an alert if the watch exits a zone, enters a zone or both enters or exits a zone.
  • Tap complete to save your new Geo-Zone

The Assure Touch watch will send you its location approximately every 60 seconds. You can change the Tracking mode in Watch Settings to Manual mode if you only want the location to update each time you press the Locate button on the map screen. Manual mode will extend the battery charge by about 30%

The watch updates it’s position automatically every 60 seconds so simply open the map screen to see the current location.

If you have the watch set in Manual mode, the watch will send it’s position only when you press the Locate button on the map screen. Press the Locate icon on the bottom left of the map screen to check the current position of the watch.

The battery charge lasts longer in manual mode but Geo-Zones feature and track mode will not work.

To change the Tracking mode, tap Manage, choose tracking mode and tick the mode you wish to change the tracking to.  The circle will turn blue to confirm the setting you have selected is now set.

You can change the map view to satellite map, 2D map, or 3D map by pressing the circular icon near the top right hand side of the screen.

To see the history of where the watch has been, Press the Track icon to show the location history of the watch. It will automatically default to “today” you can change this by either tapping on the word “today” and choosing a date from the calendar or by choosing the “pre” and “next” button. The route history will display with lines from point to point.

To make an SOS call, with the watch display visible, press and hold (Long press) the SOS button on the side of the watch for 3 seconds, the watch will automatically send a message to the “family contact list” that have added the watch to their App account on their smartphone and will dial the Administrator 3 times and then the 1st Back Up Administrator contact numbers 3 times until the phone get through successfully. Voicemail counts as getting through successfully.

Note: If the watch display screen is not showing, short press the SOS button and then long press the SOS button to make an SOS call.  This 2 press feature is designed to avoid making accidental calls.