Many new services are borne out of necessity following an event or entering a new stage in life. For us at WatchOvers it was having both our own young families and elderly relatives needing additional support – realising that we could not be in several places at the same time, with young kids always on the go and the worry of our ageing parents having a mishap, we needed to know that all were safe.

An elderly relative unfortunately had a fall and lay on the ground for several hours which led us to developing our GPS tracking watch phones in 2014.

As our parents have aged, so has the many ways we can assist them living comfortably at home. So we have grown our product range to help us assist them.

We looked towards technology to help us where we could not be there and to help us in our everyday lives. We wanted the same thing – freedom with peace of mind.

From our First watch to Smart Safe Living


To progress to Live Smart and Safe, and help people to Live comfortably in their homes, we started with the the basic's. Like Electricity, Wi-Fi is a basic necessity in our lives today. People get great broadband but don't ensure they have great Wi-Fi and devices don't work everywhere in their home.

Our Wi-Fi mesh and TP Links ensures you have great Wi-Fi all over your home setting you up for happy home with no more buffering or getting frustrated over a "basic" service.

We look at new technology and devices and ask ourselves will they actually make our lives easier and better. Many new technologies are brilliant concepts but do not translate into devices that are developed enough to help us. If they pass that test, we use every device ourselves, day to day.

We, at WatchOvers, stand over every product we sell. We use them ourselves and never introduce a product that does not fill the need it is designed for and helps make life easier.