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GPS Tracker for Dementia

GPS Tracker for Dementia

If you’re considering buying a GPS tracker for dementia, you have come to the right place. However, you may be wondering what exactly a GPS tracker can offer. There are a number of fantastic key features and it does a lot more than simply track an individual’s movements. Rather than simply working as a tracking device, the GPS tracker for dementia also boasts an SOS alarm and two way calling.

What Does a GPS Tracker for Dementia Have to Offer? 

  • Two Way Calling – One of the most impressive features on the GPS tracker for dementia is two way calling. Though it is not a mobile phone as such, it does allow users to contact you at a moment’s notice. Of course, you can contact them too. This is ideal if you want to check in on them during the day or if they need your help with anything. The two way calling feature also ensures that the SOS alarm is only used in emergencies.
  • SOS Button – Though many people with dementia are able to get through the day without any serious problems, sometimes an emergency can occur. This is where the SOS button comes in to be extremely helpful. With the simple press of a button, you will be notified that your loved one needs urgent assistance.
  • GPS Location – Whether you’re worried that they’re going to get lost or you simply want to see what they’re up to throughout the day, you’ll benefit from the GPS location feature. You can easily see where the person with the watch is, at any time.
  • Caller Control – As the person who has control of the GPS tracker for dementia, you can determine who can call it. You can also control who can be called from the tracker. This is ideal if you’re worried about safety and security, or if you are concerned about someone misusing the device in any way.


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