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Monitoring smoke alarms and other devices for your elderly relative

Monitoring smoke alarms and other devices for your elderly relative

Monitoring smoke alarms and other devices for your elderly relative

For anyone with elderly relatives who need support, it is common to worry about them. The quality of life for elderly individuals can become quite strained when they begin to lose day-to-day independence. This is why we often rely upon technology to help keep them safe when we are not there to check-up on them.

One of the most common forms of tech used to check in on senior citizens includes the use of smoke alarms. This can also include carbon monoxide alarms and other monitors that help to keep their homes safe. However, with traditional alarms you need to be present to know they are going off. If an elderly relative or individual cannot act to the alarms trigger, or does not notice it, they could be put in needless danger. However, with wireless smoke and carbon monoxide alarms from WatchOvers, that can be avoided.

Our smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are designed to be managed from afar using a simple mobile application. It can be monitored by more than one family member/carer and means that if the alarm(s) go off then each watcher will be given an alert. These alerts are by SMS, phone call and by push notification.

These alarms can cover everything from smoke to carbon monoxide to water leaks. Now, if a tap is left on by mistake, or an unused bathroom has a leak, a family member can be easily alerted.

This is essential as elderly family members could have various reasons for missing an alarm, including:

  • Hearing problems that limits their ability to notice the alarm going off
  • Physical disabilities that could make attending to the alarm, or the issue, hard/impossible
  • Medical trips, meaning they could be in hospital for a period of time leaving their home vacant
  • Social trips, such as going away with friends or family, leaving their home unattended
  • A large house that contains rooms with alarms that are not commonly used

Elderly alarms can offer much needed peace of mind

Designed to be extremely easy to install and set up, even for those without tech expertise, our alarm systems simplify a confusing process.

You can also build up and develop your own plans and systems as their needs grow. This includes the addition of SOS panic buttons, support SOS wristbands, and many other devices and features that you could feel are helpful. In short, WatchOvers makes sure that you do not have to worry about a friend or family member who is in their golden years. You can have all of the supports and alerts that you need to make sure that if something does go wrong you can swoop in to offer a simple and easy solution.

This might even include home security features like IP cameras for two-way conversations, video doorbells so they do not have to answer the door themselves, and much more. Now, as someone who is helping a senior relative get on with their life, you can handle their requirements as much as they need you to. This gives you peace of mind that they are safe, and allows your elderly family member to simply focus on the matters that they can deal with themselves.

Do not allow yourself to rely upon outdated technology that cannot provide the watchful vigilance the elderly need. With our excellent range of independent living products, you can make checking your parent’s wellbeing and adapting to modern Smart, Safe Living so much easier.

IP Cameras help you check your home when you are not there

IP Cameras help you check your home when you are not there

IP Cameras help you check your home when you are not there. When it comes to protecting our property today, we have many options available to us. Home security has become a major talking point for homeowners all across the country. Smart safe living is easier than ever to add into our homes, and this includes the use of home security. Among the best options for those looking for improved security at home, though, would be the use of IP cameras.

These cameras have been ideal for checking your home even when you are out and about, or even abroad. Why, though, should you consider buying such a product?

The benefits of using IP cameras for home security
 For one, IP cameras are very easy to install. Unlike other security camera products, these can be installed without the need for extensive wiring or permanent fitting that damages your home.
 You can also use IP cameras in many different settings. For example, many have these set up so they can watch their home from afar when they are traveling, working afar, or simply busy.
 IP camera setups can also be used to check on others, too (with their permission of course). For example, you could install an IP camera system to check on elderly family members.
 Checking up on dependents, such as children or pets, is also made easier with IP cameras. You can make sure your children have come home from school, or a pet is safe at home.
 At the same time, IP cameras come with a privacy setting so you can turn them on and off whenever you wish. If you want some peace and privacy, these can be switched off for that requirement.

There are various other benefits that go outside of this, too. For example, an IP camera can offer you excellent features such as:
 Live viewing on a high quality image, often around 1080P in quality. This makes making out everything from faces to identifiable clothing or markings much easier should you need to.
 The use of sensors to help spot movement or someone moving around; this is ideal for things like spotting potential trespassers on your property so that you can take action.
 Motion detection and night vision so that you can always see whether it is during the dark of night or the brightness of the afternoon.
 Recording systems that can allow for you to easily record content and make sure you always have proof of anything that might cause you concern or discomfort.
 Instant notifications that make sure you can easily spot potential issues or so that you can respond quickly.
 Two-way voice chat so that you can interact with anyone in your home.

IP cameras can make checking on your property from afar so much simpler
As you can see, then, there are a great many benefits to the installation of IP cameras. These can make it easier for you to interact with family, and generally manage your home from afar. Whether you are busy at work, relaxing on a beach somewhere this allows you to review your home and take action even if you are miles away from home.

Paired up with the easy installation and fitting process, and it is easy to see why IP cameras are the go-to option for people of all profiles today.

Reduce your Energy Consumption and Save Money with Smart Homes Devices

Reduce your Energy Consumption and Save Money with Smart Homes Devices

Reduce your Energy Consumption and Save Money with Smart Homes Devices

Today, the cost of living has never been so hard to keep up with. Everyday items and goods that we rely upon for our quality of life are becoming increasingly expensive. This makes the kind of necessities that we require to enjoy a high standard of living increasingly challenging to afford. Chief among these sky-high costs is our energy bills.

However, if you are looking to try and save money, investing in some smart home technologies would make sense. Smart safe living offers many benefits, ranging from:

  • Monitoring energy consumption
  • Control consumption of other key resources, including water
  • Better manage heating and cooling for greater, lasting efficiency
  • Avoid the dreaded ‘vampire power’ that costs so much energy per month
  • Reducing energy wastage with easy device control
  • Improving energy efficiency and maximising usage
  • Capping energy loss and expenses by reducing waste
  • Controlling applications and devices from afar

One of the most effective ways to save money with smart devices, though, would be to invest in smart plugs. These devices have become very popular for anyone looking for ways to reduce energy consumption without reducing living quality or functionality.

The power of smart plugs
While many smart devices make a wise investment, smart plugs are among the best choices you can buy for cost-effective energy control. Some of their primary benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Smart plugs are excellent as they can provide you with an easy way to manage and monitor energy consumption.
  • You can now easily look at the amount of energy you are using in each of the plug sockets that this smart plug is connected to. Now, trying to find the source of what is costing you so much money is about to become much easier.
  • At the same time, you can also control the functionality of plug sockets as you go. You can turn off an appliance when you are out and about – so, if you worry you have left something on when you leave home, you can turn it on/off even from your workplace.
  • Another nice benefit of smart plugs is that they can automatically turn off a device once it fully reaches charge. Now, you can avoid overcharging an electronic device such as your smartphone.
  • You can instead make sure that it can charge at the correct pace, then turn off avoiding both wasted energy and potential fire risks from overcharging.
  • You can even set up smart plugs to automatically turn off all lights and other appliances that you do not need when you are out of the house. This means you do not come home to find you have left several lamps and lights running, costing you more energy.
  • Add in the fact that smart plugs can easily be controlled using voice-control solutions like Alexa and Google Assistant, too, and the benefits of its usage should be clear for all.

Taking control of your power consumption
Controlling the way that your home uses power from afar is a great way to make sure you do not overuse power and thus waste money. On top of that, you can improve home safety by ensuring power is not running when nobody is there to control it.

Something as simple as a smart plug can help you to take total control over how much energy your homes uses. Now, with the cost of energy rising so quickly, you can at least manage your costs. It might not make energy prices any less expensive, but at least now you make sure you only use the energy that you require.

In the face of rising bills, increased energy efficiency and control is the only way to keep your costs down. Avoid having to make living quality concession; be smart about energy usage and invest in appliances like smart plugs today. In a few short months, you will already feel the benefits in your pocket.