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Monitoring smoke alarms and other devices for your elderly relative

Monitoring smoke alarms and other devices for your elderly relative

Monitoring smoke alarms and other devices for your elderly relative

For anyone with elderly relatives who need support, it is common to worry about them. The quality of life for elderly individuals can become quite strained when they begin to lose day-to-day independence. This is why we often rely upon technology to help keep them safe when we are not there to check-up on them.

One of the most common forms of tech used to check in on senior citizens includes the use of smoke alarms. This can also include carbon monoxide alarms and other monitors that help to keep their homes safe. However, with traditional alarms you need to be present to know they are going off. If an elderly relative or individual cannot act to the alarms trigger, or does not notice it, they could be put in needless danger. However, with wireless smoke and carbon monoxide alarms from WatchOvers, that can be avoided.

Our smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are designed to be managed from afar using a simple mobile application. It can be monitored by more than one family member/carer and means that if the alarm(s) go off then each watcher will be given an alert. These alerts are by SMS, phone call and by push notification.

These alarms can cover everything from smoke to carbon monoxide to water leaks. Now, if a tap is left on by mistake, or an unused bathroom has a leak, a family member can be easily alerted.

This is essential as elderly family members could have various reasons for missing an alarm, including:

  • Hearing problems that limits their ability to notice the alarm going off
  • Physical disabilities that could make attending to the alarm, or the issue, hard/impossible
  • Medical trips, meaning they could be in hospital for a period of time leaving their home vacant
  • Social trips, such as going away with friends or family, leaving their home unattended
  • A large house that contains rooms with alarms that are not commonly used

Elderly alarms can offer much needed peace of mind

Designed to be extremely easy to install and set up, even for those without tech expertise, our alarm systems simplify a confusing process.

You can also build up and develop your own plans and systems as their needs grow. This includes the addition of SOS panic buttons, support SOS wristbands, and many other devices and features that you could feel are helpful. In short, WatchOvers makes sure that you do not have to worry about a friend or family member who is in their golden years. You can have all of the supports and alerts that you need to make sure that if something does go wrong you can swoop in to offer a simple and easy solution.

This might even include home security features like IP cameras for two-way conversations, video doorbells so they do not have to answer the door themselves, and much more. Now, as someone who is helping a senior relative get on with their life, you can handle their requirements as much as they need you to. This gives you peace of mind that they are safe, and allows your elderly family member to simply focus on the matters that they can deal with themselves.

Do not allow yourself to rely upon outdated technology that cannot provide the watchful vigilance the elderly need. With our excellent range of independent living products, you can make checking your parent’s wellbeing and adapting to modern Smart, Safe Living so much easier.


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