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Choosing the Right GPS Dog Tracker for Your Pet

Choosing the Right GPS Dog Tracker for Your Pet

Given that dog owners must chip their pet, some may wonder why they would need a GPS dog tracker. However, the two work in completely different ways, and being aware of these differences also highlights why GPS trackers are so beneficial when it comes to safeguarding pets.

The Difference Between a Chip and GPS

When owning a dog, a chip is required for authentication purposes. Although this can be useful should you pet go astray, it is isn’t fool-proof. However, a GPS tracker can feed information back to the dog owners in real-time, allowing them to be more proactive when it comes to recovering their dog.

Given the playful nature of dogs, it makes sense to invest in a GPS tracker that’s designed exclusively to track dogs and withstand the rigorous regime dogs go through each day.

Other Factors to Consider

When looking at GPS dog trackers, it can be tempting to opt for a budget solution on the assumption that all products are the same. However, it’s important to ensure that the GPS tracker you’re looking for in the UK can provide the right level of information otherwise it will be rendered useless.

Cheaper GPS trackers could also suffer from a low build quality, so even if the GPS does work, the device could become separated from your dog.

The use of a GPS tracker employs the use of a mobile network. If you’ve ever used an app like Google Maps, then you will understand how this technology works.

Reputable GPS dog trackers in the UK will often come with an accompanying app, which effectively acts as the middleman between you and your dog.

For example, should you become separated from your dog, you simply refer to the app which will give a real-time overview of your pet’s location.

Power consumption is another important factor to consider. Of course, there will always be times when a GPS dog tracker needs to be recharged, but it’s important that the GPS tracker you invest in is able to hold its charge for a substantial amount of time.

Cheaper products will often mean a cheap battery is used, so if you find that you’re constantly having to charge your current GPS tracker, then it may be worthwhile considering an upgrade.

Why PetTrackie?

Finding the balance between affordability and practicality can be difficult but using a company that specialises in such products will ensure that you’re only purchasing high-quality products.

WatchOvers is dedicated to offering products and services to those who may require some additional support, be it to the elderly, children or pets.

As such, customers can be assured that the PetTrackie GPS Tracker is affordable and surpasses expectations.

Not only can dog owners record their dog’s location in real time, but also set boundaries within the accompanying app and receive alerts should pets breach these boundaries.

As well as a robust design, the PetTrackie comes with pre-installed with a SIM card, which will only connect to the strongest network available, so even those in rural areas can keep track of their four-legged friend.


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