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Activity Monitoring System – Central Hub

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Activity Monitoring System – Central Hub

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  • Activity Monitoring System – Central Hub

    The WatchOvers Activity Monitoring System assists you in caring for your elderly loved ones when you are not there, without intruding on their privacy. Our sensors can be installed anywhere around the home to monitor activity to ensure your loved ones are Safe and Healthy with no significant changes in their routine that could indicate a problem or a risk to them, enabling them to get help faster if needed.

    Our Activity Monitoring System can help in so many ways such as;

    Morning Routines – Monitor morning routines and know that your loved one is out of bed. This is an important early warning alert of a potential problem if they are not out of bed.
    • Bedtime Routines – Monitoring nighttime routines help to see if there are any changes in routine or they are not making it to bed.
    • Toilet Frequency – Too many visits to the toilet can be sign of an infection. The bathroom is also a high risk area.
    • Wandering – With contact sensors you can track your loved ones leaving and returning home. It is great peace of mind to know they are home safe.
    • Eating Regularly – Contact sensors can be fitted to the fridge and presses to know that your loved one is eating regularly.
    • Taking Medication – By fitting a contact sensor to your medicine drawer you can be alerted each time the drawer is opened.
    • Opening Windows and Doors – Contact sensors can be fitted to let you know (or alert you) if windows or doors have been opened.
    • Going Upstairs or to Unsafe Areas – If there are areas that are unsafe in the home such as stairs, you can be alerted if they go upstairs or any other unsafe (no go) area you are monitoring.

    Your Central Hub is the main hub for all your Monitoring and Home Safety needs. Managed through the App, you can build your system to cover all your current needs and grow your system as your needs change by adding additional devices to your Central Hub.

    You can receive alert notifications for the areas you are monitoring by various methods such as by phone call, by SMS and by App notification. Some alarms your loved one might not usually hear or when their home is empty such as our Water Leaks, Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

    The Central Hub comes with our special Always Roaming sim card (subscription required) which will roam from network to network to get cellular service, even in poor network service areas. This enables you to get alerts by phone and SMS in addition to the App alerts and siren alarm. With multiple messaging channels you will never miss a vital alert.

    A subscription is required for mobile calls and SMS messaging alerts, pre-paid monthly, with No Contract, Opt Out Anytime. Your subscription costs only £4.15/€4.61 per week, paid monthly at £17.99/€19.99 per month and includes Unlimited Alert Calls, Data and SMS messages. Subscribe once you receive your device, to activate the pre-fitted sim card. Your device comes with a Dutch or Spanish mobile number and unlike a standard sim card, it is not fixed to any one network, so they use the strongest mobile network, enabling your device to get mobile coverage even in weak signal locations, vital in times of emergency.

    • Discreetly Monitor Daily Activity
    • Immediate Alerts by phone, SMS and App notification
    • Family Members can Monitor Alerts
    • Easy Set Up and Installation
    • 4G Cellular and Wi-Fi Central Hub
    • Add up to 100 Sensors and Detectors
    • Managed through the App

    Our 5 Point Customer Promise:
    • Quality Guaranteed
    • Safe payments via PayPal®
    • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Help when you need it
    • We got you! Tracking number for every order

    See Alarms Subscription

  • 1 x Central Hub
    1 x Wireless PIR Motion Detector with bracket
    1 x Wireless Door/Window sensor (2 piece each)
    2 x USB Charging/Power Cables
    1 x 3 Pin CE approved USB charger plug with an output: 5.0V-1.0A
    3 x Screw Fixings and Double-sided adhesive pads

  • Specifications
    Base Station
    Connection: Wi-fi
    Radio Frequency: 433MHz
    Battery life: Back up Battery up to 3 hours when power disconnected
    Battery Type: 3.7V 300mA Lithium-ion Battery (rechargeable)
    User app: Smart Life (multiple users)
    Connectivity: Wireless (range 80 metres in open space)
    Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months

  • Base Station
    Depth: 5mm 
    Width: 140mm 
    Height: 140mm 
    Weight: 167