To Power on your PetTrackie, press and hold the Hexagon shaped button for about 3 seconds until you hear the device say “hello”.

After you turn on the device, you will see the LED light change colour red-bluegreen-red, which means the device is detecting the sim card. This can take up to 15 minutes.

Blue Light: The device is connected to the server using WiFi/LBS positioning.

Green Light: The device is using GPS positioning.

Note: For power saving the LED will then stop flashing, press the power button to view the LED colour.

If the light does not flash;

(i) The device is powered off- charge and power on the device.

(ii) Your sim card has been deactivated/ you have not subscribed – Please subscribe and email with your device mobile number.

(iii) The mobile coverage is not sufficient for data transfer- take the device near a window or outdoors.