WatchOvers PetTrackie GPS Location Tracking Device.

  • Live GPS Location -Real-time tracking – See the device location on your smartphone in real time. Location updated every 60 seconds.
  • Geo-Zones – create virtual outdoor boundaries and receive boundary breach alerts. Multiple Geo-zones with square, rectangular or circular fence settings. Location updated every 60 seconds for enhanced Geo-Zone accuracy.
  • 100% Waterproof to -1 meter with an IP67 waterproof rating.
  • Device & Smartphone location displayed – See where you are in proximity to your pet, making it easy to find the quickest route to them.
  • Location History– Playback the location history of the device today, last week or last month.
  • Very Secure with 128 Bit Encryption for transmission and storage of all data. Our App and device registration is secure to protect your data and prevent access to your device except by people approved by you.
  • Alert Messaging – receive SOS, Low Battery and Geo-Zone alerts directly to the App on your smartphone.
  • Multi User – Add up to 16 users, for all your family, friends and pet sitters.
  • Pre-fitted Sim Card – Open the box and get started straight away.
  • Low-power consumption – The battery lasts approximately 2 days general use updating location every 60 seconds or 3 days on manual location mode, depending on your mobile & WiFi signal strength and how frequent the device is moving. The PetTrackie only takes 2 hours to recharge the battery. Charge using the USB cable provided and a CE approved USB charger plug with an output: 5.0V-1.0A.
  • Unique innovative holder design, easy to fit to most collars and to remove for charging.
  • Device size 52*38*17.5mm
  • Suitable for pets above 4.5 kg – Weight: Device 33 grams, Holder 15 grams.
  • GSM Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 2G Device
  • Supports GPS/AGPS/LBS/WiFi for quick and accurate outdoor location positioning and improved indoor location.
  • Magnetic inductive charging.

Our WatchOvers PetTrackie App and device are designed specifically for Europe and comes with full back-up support in English from the WatchOvers Team should you ever need any help. Manufactured using quality materials with a strong body and 100% waterproof, the PetTrackie can be worn at all the times even when swimming.

A subscription is required for Mobile Data, Pre-paid monthly, No Contract, Opt Out Anytime. The subscription includes Unlimited location data. Subscribe once you receive your device to activate your device sim card. Your device comes with our European sim card which will work worldwide in over 150 countries. Unlike a standard sim card, our sim will roam from network to network to use any 2G mobile available network.

The PetTrackie is 100% waterproof in water to a depth of -1 meter for up to 30 minutes, maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius as long as the back or side of the device has not been opened.