In general the battery lasts approximately 2 days in Automatic Mode updating the location every 60 seconds.  In weak signal areas, the battery life can be shorter.  In Manual Location Mode (not using Geo fencing) the battery may last 2- 3 days.

Battery life will vary as it is affected by several factors including the strength of your mobile and WiFi coverage and how frequently the device is moving. Where signal strength is weak, the draw on the battery is greater hence the battery will run down faster than these approximate times. The PetTrackie only takes 2 hours to recharge the battery.

You can change the Tracking mode in Manage Settings to Manual mode. The device location will only update when you press the “Loc” location button on the map screen and once every 11 minutes to run a check on the device. This check will not update the location.  If you are using Geo-fencing, do not set the device to Manual Mode as the Geo-fencing will not work as the location data is not being sent automatically.

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