If the location of the watch is not being displayed and the contact numbers are not appearing in the watch, there may have been an issue on set up and the watch has not paired and connected to our servers correctly.This can happen if the watch is not fully charged, or has no mobile signal, or the sim card is deactivated when adding the watch initially.or the watch mobile number has been added with the wrong country prefix. The watch mobile number should be added with the country prefix code +34 (select Spain) in the first box and rest of the watch mobile number, starting with 59… in the 2nd box.
To resolve this, you will need to carry out the following to remove and add the watch again.
1. Please check the watch is charged, powered on and has mobile signal. You should have subscribed before setting up the watch as the sim card must be activated.
2. Ensure that only 1 person has the App account open on 1 Smartphone device.
3. Reset the watch which will remove it from the app – In Watch Settings, press the Reset button to factory reset the watch.
4. Re Boot your Assure watch –  There is a reboot button in a small hole located just above the USB charging port.  Firstly press the SOS button to light up the screen and while the screen is on, press the reboot button with a pin so you see the screen power off (to ensure the watch has powered off, short press the SOS button the screen should remain blank).
Then power on the watch by holding the SOS button until you see the screen light up and hear the sound playing. If you do not see the name WatchOvers appear on the screen and hear the jingle, then it is likely that you have not successfully powered off the watch, so please try again before moving on to the next stage.
5. Leave the watch outside or by a window to ensure it has mobile signal and then follow the Quick set up guide again to add the watch to your app account.
As the watch did not pair the 1st time, it can take from 15 minutes to up to 24 hours for the watch to pair. Please take the watch out during this time as this can speed up pairing.