When the watch shows “pairing” and a shaking hand appears on your watch screen, you have pressed and held down the voice message button on the left hand side of the watch. This is a function on the watch which allows two Assure watches to become “friends” by shaking both watches at the same time when this symbol appears.  To stop this simply press the SOS button.

Our Shake-Shake to make friends feature for 2 watches to share their contact details with each other so they can send voice messages to each other. To use this feature, press and hold the voice message button and shake the two watches at the same time to pair them both successfully and add each other into the voice message contact list. While holding the button you will see image of a watch on a wrist shaking. The word “pairing” should then appear on both watches while the watches are pairing with each other. When the watches have paired you will see new friend and the contact number appear on the watch. If you receive a failed message, start the process again. To name the new friend contact, Press on Family list, press on the contact in the list, Press edit, Press on the name, arrow back to remove the words “New Friend”, add your contact name and Press OK You can add up to 10 Voice Message contacts to each watch. These contacts do not affect your 16 family contact number limit. Note: These contacts can only message each other. If you wish for 2 watches to voice call each other, you must add each watch mobile number into each watch contacts list.