Vodafone have made changes to their system with the result that Vodafone customers are currently unable to call their watches.   If you are a Vodafone customer and are affected by these changes, please contact Vodafone to register the fault.

Your watch can make outgoing calls, so the calling and SOS functions are working correctly and the location is updating correctly to your app.  But calls from a Vodafone number to the watch will not connect. Any other number will connect, once it is in the contact list. Although it is not an ideal situation, while Vodafone are correcting this issue, we advise customers affected by this Vodafone issue to use the messaging feature in the app to send a voice message to the wearer to contact you.  If you need details on how to use this feature, please click here.

To register the fault with Vodafone, call the following numbers from your phone

Vodafone UK dial 191

Vodafone Ireland daily 1907

You will be asked to key in your mobile number and then given a number of options to choose from.  Wait until the option to talk to a customer care agent and choose this one.

You will need to explain to Vodafone that you have a SOS phone for your child/parent and up to now you have been able to call the number from your phone.  The SOS phone can call you, and all non Vodafone contact numbers can call the SOS phone but you cannot call it.

The customer care agent will ask you to reboot your phone and try to call the SOS phone again and they will probably request you carry out other standard tasks. You can tell them that you do not need to carry out these actions as you are simply registering your complaint as you know that whatever they are going to get you to do it will not work as this issue happened before and the Vodafone Core network team had to resolve it. Explain you need to report this so Vodafone know this is affecting their customers. Unfortunately, this call may take some time and you may need to carry out some tasks for the operator.

Please tell the Vodafone customer care agent to escalate your query/complaint to Level 2 Technical support and ask for a Support ticket number or Case number.  You may need to be quite insistent that they escalate it.

Please tell the agent that this issue may already be with the Vodafone Core Network Team and they are working on this issue with Telefonica & Three Ireland but you need to pass on the Vodafone support ticket/case number. (Note Vodafone UK do not issue a support ticket number).

When you have contacted Vodafone, please contact our support team with the case number reference or Support Ticket number so we can forward this information to our engineers.  We will continue to engage with our engineers to press Vodafone to correct this issue and will notify you as soon as this is confirmed.

We fully understand your frustration and wish to assure you that we are doing all we can to resolve this but as the issue is a Vodafone fault, only Vodafone can actually fix it.  Thank you for your help and your patience.