Helpful hints to make tricky jobs very easy!

Helpful hints to make tricky jobs very easy!

Here is a great Facebook page called Nifty with loads of videos on how make jobs that seem tricky, very easy.

For example, if the string on your hoodie gets pulled out, you never get around to fixing it because it seems so difficult to fix. Not so, check this video out on how to do it in 1 or 2 minutes with a straw and a stapler!

Dropped your mobile phone or your Liberty Watch Phone in water?  try out this trick to dry it. It is included in a video called 6 Ways To Use Silica Gel Packets.  Don’t throw out those shoe box silica gel packets! Try these six clever uses in your home.  This hint suggests you collect those small gel packets that come with almost every pair of shoes you buy, prepacked furniture and anything else you buy that the manufacturer is concerned might get moist.

The packet has a warning on it so everyone thinks they are dangerous but the warning is just to tell you to be careful as your children might choke on the packet.  Because we tend to read the writing that is in bold and ignore the rest, we all assume these packets are dangerous or harmful.

These packets can be used to help you dry out your mobile phone if it gets wet and to dry out other items. If so many manufacturers are using these packets to keep their products free of moisture, they must work.  These packets are the first thing I throw away but now I am going to keep them.

There are so many jobs that go undone because they seem more difficult to deal with than they are.  Scroll down Nifty’s Facebook page to see how easy some jobs are.  I like the one where to whisk eggs you attach a egg whisk to a power drill and let the drill do all the work.

Happy Watching.

The WatchOvers Team

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