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SOS Emergency Wristband

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SOS Emergency Wristband

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  • SOS Emergency Wristband

    Take care of your elderly loved ones with a WatchOvers SOS Emergency Button Wristband. In their shocked, confused, or weakened state, they might not be able to locate their mobile phone and call for help. With one press, they will send a signal for help to you and/or their caregivers.

    Why use this emergency Wristband?

    ● Saves Lives with a Button - Ask for help with a push of a button as it alerts your caregivers or family members through sirens by phone call, by SMS and by App notification.
    Lightweight Wrist Device - Its lightweight material makes it comfortable to wear, especially for elders.
    Smart Emergency Gadget - Inform your caregivers or family members immediately when you need assistance through its multiple messaging channels. It provides support without delay so you never miss an alert.
    Easy to Wear - Pairs with our Central Hub and is easily used with a press of a button. Once pressed you or your carers will be alerted by phone call, by SMS, by App notification and the Central Hub siren will ring.
    Long Battery Life - Sealed with a non-replaceable lithium battery that lasts for 1 year.

    Get this emergency panic watch to get help with just one touch.

    Note: This device must be paired with our Central Hub to operate (Subscription required).

    • Save Lives with a Button
    • Immediate Alert once pressed by phone, SMS, App notification and siren
    • Easy Set Up
    • Lightweight
    • Long Battery Life

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  • 1 x SOS Emergency Wristband

  • Connection: Wifi
    Battery life: 1 year
    Battery Type: Sealed in Lithium battery (Non-replaceable)
    User app: Smart Life (multiple users)
    Connectivity: Wireless (range 60 to 100 metres in open space)
    Strap Material: Silicone
    Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months

  • Length: 245mm
    Width: 44mm
    Depth: 13mm
    Weight: 28g