A GPS enabled fall alarm and watch phone.

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among adults age 65 and older.

When your loved one falls, our smart safety watch will automatically call the SOS contacts of your loved one even if they're not conscious.

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Protect your loved ones

One in three older people fall every year with that figure increasing to half for people aged 80 and over. Two-thirds of them fall again within six months. Falling is a cause of distress, pain, injury, loss of confidence, loss of independence and dignity. People who get disorientated or have a fall usually cannot get to their mobile phone or are unable to use it. And for people living alone, there is no one around to call out to.

Employ up to three alternating features with an option to use an image or video and include a call to action button.

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Peace of mind

The Assure 4G SOS Location Watch-Phone is always on hand in an emergency so your loved one can simply press the button to call and talk to you, a familiar voice. With our Automated Fall Alert SOS calling, you don’t even have to press the SOS button, the watch will automatically call the SOS number. And with GPS location, you can see where they are when they are outdoors.

Employ up to three alternating features with an option to use an image or video and include a call to action button.

Some of the Amazing Features

SOS Emergency Alarm

One button press to call your Emergency contacts. Make a phone call from the watch without a mobile phone. One button press to call your emergency contacts and simultaneously send SOS alert notifications automatically.

Fall Alert with Automatic Calling

The watch will alert the SOS contacts if your loved one has a fall by automatically calling the SOS number without having to press the SOS button.

GPS Location

See the watch location on your smartphone in real time. Location updated every 10 minutes or get the Live location with 1 press.


ou can create virtual outdoor fences or zones and receive alerts when your loved one leaves the zone. Location is updated every 10 minutes so alerts are received on the next 10 minute update.

Health Monitors

The Assure 4G is a Heart Rate monitor, Blood Pressure monitor and a Blood Oxygen monitor. Note: The Assure 4G is not a medical device and will give indicative readings only.


You can set reminders that ring and display on the watch including recording your own voice with messages such as “Dad take your tablets now” which will play on the watch at the set time every day.

Two Way Voice Communication

Make a phone call from the watch without a mobile phone. The watch has its’ own European sim card that is always roaming from network to network to get the best mobile signal in your area.


You can set up to 3 alarms that can repeat every day, or the days you need them to, and they will ring on the watch. The alarms are great for reminders to take medicine at set times of the day or to wake up during the day after nap time.

Activity Monitor

This monitor lets you check that your loved one is active or moving, which is really helpful when caring for an elderly person or someone living alone.

Pre-fitted Sim Card

The Assure 4G watch is fitted with our WatchOvers European Sim card. Unlike ordinary sim cards, it uses the strongest network available, very important in an emergency.

Multi-Users & Multi Alert Messaging

Add up to 10 users, for your family and carers. You can receive messages by phone call, SMS and app notification depending on the alert, so you never miss an SOS emergency alert.

Full Back Up Support

The Assure 4G comes with full back-up support in English from the WatchOvers Team should you ever need any help.


We love our watch, our Dad wears it all the time which gives him and all of us great comfort. Thanks Watchovers, great service, we are telling all our friends about you now.

It does what it says on the tin. Bought Chinese watch first which was hopeless. This was dearer but you can speak to real people whose first language is English. It works exactly as described. I had a few queries which were dealt with promptly. Set up is as simple as it should be. Recommended.

Really great and cost effective idea for keeping an eye on loved ones and worth the spend,Taking into account you will need to have a montly subscription to keep it active but its a small price to pay for soemthing that does what it says on the tin...

Bought for my father who has Altzheimers, the GPS tracker allows him freedom to walk the familiar places and gives the family peace of mind. He has a tendency to fall, I can track his movement and contact him if he is static for a period. Father is 88 he wears it as a 'bracelet' rather than watch as digital is alien to him, his conventional watch is on his other wrist! The concept of the watch is amazing, it delivers on all counts, very pleased with it and have recommended to friends who are in similar situations. The Watchovers team support is second to none, friendly, knowledgable and quick to respond to email. I wish I could give more stars. Thank you Niamh and team!

This phone/watch is actually the product of the century. I have an elderly dad that is unable to use a mobile phone. But in fact this is so much better as not only can I phone him but I can also track him via gps. So I know where he is and it’s just great peace of mind. Also it’s works in bad coverage areas. I have no alliance to this company but for so late no I had anxiety worrying about my dad do it’s just fantastic to be able to track him. I will actually be purchasing 2 more for my kids. I highly highly recommend this product.

Really really great. So helpful as my husband has had a brain injury, this has been so helpful when we are out and about. Any problems I have had, have been answered so quickly and efficiently by Eimear from their help team. Way beyond what I was expecting. I love this watch.