Choosing the Right Kids GPS Tracker to Safeguard Your Children

Safeguarding children will be at the forefront of every parent’s mind, but they also want them to learn independence and enjoy their freedom, so finding the perfect balance can be difficult.

Fortunately, as technology becomes more advanced it becomes easier to keep tabs on children, but it’s still important to ensure that you’re using the right device when it comes to keeping track of your little ones.  There’s no denying that children love technology, so it stands to reason that parents that are keen to keep tabs on their young children will be looking for something that their child can have with them at all time.

Some parents may consider the use of smartphone, and while this can be beneficial in some ways, smartphones aren’t able to offer the functionality needed should you become separated from your children. As such, parents and carers will want to purchase a product that can be relied upon and won’t get lost or left behind when embarking on errands, days out and school runs.

The use of a smartwatch can be an understandable consideration, but there are some factors that parents need to consider before choosing a kids GPS smartwatch.

For example, how will the watch be powered? For the most part, they are powered by a SIM card, but it’s often the case that users will be limited to one network. Missing a phone call in this situation isn’t too much of a problem, but a lack of network when protecting our children could be detrimental.

Fortunately, there are solutions available that are tailored to the daily regime of children.
Introducing the Assure Touch Watch
Although smartwatches can be effective, they can be an expensive solution for children, and their purposes isn’t fine-tuned to keep track of little ones. The Assure Touch Watch is designed exclusively for children, given parents confidence that should the worst-case scenario arise, children can be located within minutes.

The watch’s aesthetics are bold and bright, but the design is robust enough to withstand the daily routine of any child.

What’s more, the Assure Touch Watch doesn’t have to be connected to a smartphone to operate, as the watch comes with a built-in SIMcard, meaning the watch itself is a mobile phone.

Not only are parents able to track their children’s movements via the accompanying child tracker app, but there is even a two-way communication feature that allows parents and carers to call the watch and vice-versa.

Up to 16 family members or carers can register their details and use the child tracker app, meaning that regardless of who is caring for your child, the Assure Touch Watch is able to fulfil its role.


Choosing the Right GPS Dog Tracker for Your Pet

Given that dog owners must chip their pet, some may wonder why they would need a GPS dog tracker. However, the two work in completely different ways, and being aware of these differences also highlights why GPS trackers are so beneficial when it comes to safeguarding pets.

The Difference Between a Chip and GPS

When owning a dog, a chip is required for authentication purposes. Although this can be useful should you pet go astray, it is isn’t fool-proof. However, a GPS tracker can feed information back to the dog owners in real-time, allowing them to be more proactive when it comes to recovering their dog.

Given the playful nature of dogs, it makes sense to invest in a GPS tracker that’s designed exclusively to track dogs and withstand the rigorous regime dogs go through each day.

Other Factors to Consider

When looking at GPS dog trackers, it can be tempting to opt for a budget solution on the assumption that all products are the same. However, it’s important to ensure that the GPS tracker you’re looking for in the UK can provide the right level of information otherwise it will be rendered useless.

Cheaper GPS trackers could also suffer from a low build quality, so even if the GPS does work, the device could become separated from your dog.

The use of a GPS tracker employs the use of a mobile network. If you’ve ever used an app like Google Maps, then you will understand how this technology works.

Reputable GPS dog trackers in the UK will often come with an accompanying app, which effectively acts as the middleman between you and your dog.

For example, should you become separated from your dog, you simply refer to the app which will give a real-time overview of your pet’s location.

Power consumption is another important factor to consider. Of course, there will always be times when a GPS dog tracker needs to be recharged, but it’s important that the GPS tracker you invest in is able to hold its charge for a substantial amount of time.

Cheaper products will often mean a cheap battery is used, so if you find that you’re constantly having to charge your current GPS tracker, then it may be worthwhile considering an upgrade.

Why PetTrackie?

Finding the balance between affordability and practicality can be difficult but using a company that specialises in such products will ensure that you’re only purchasing high-quality products.

WatchOvers is dedicated to offering products and services to those who may require some additional support, be it to the elderly, children or pets.

As such, customers can be assured that the PetTrackie GPS Tracker is affordable and surpasses expectations.

Not only can dog owners record their dog’s location in real time, but also set boundaries within the accompanying app and receive alerts should pets breach these boundaries.

As well as a robust design, the PetTrackie comes with pre-installed with a SIM card, which will only connect to the strongest network available, so even those in rural areas can keep track of their four-legged friend.




Keep an Elderly Loved One Safe With an Elderly Tracker Watch

It’s never easy to leave a loved one at home whilst you’re out and about. Whether you have to head back home yourself or you’ve got to get to work, it’s hard to leave them knowing that there’s no one there to keep an eye on things. It’s something that a lot of people have to deal with, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Luckily, there’s really no need to worry. When you invest in an elderly tracker watch, you can get on with things knowing that you’ll be the first to know if a problem were to arise. With an elderly tracker watch, it’s much easier to keep a loved one safe.

Ensure Safety With an Elderly Tracker Watch

More often than not, an elderly loved one is absolutely fine when you head out for the day. However, there’s always the chance of something happening. This could be a minor problem or something a lot more serious. Either way, you’ll want to know as soon as possible. This is where an elderly tracker watch comes in to be extremely useful.

An elderly tracker watch has a number of fantastic features, all of which have been designed with the older generation in mind. A lot of time and energy has been put towards truly understanding what it is that an elderly tracker watch needs to do. It isn’t just about tracking someone’s movements on a day to day basis, it’s about keeping the lines of communication open in case of emergency. It would be easy for an elderly tracker watch to simply track a journey from A to B, but this wouldn’t be enough to ensure that they are kept as safe as possible. This is why the elderly tracker watch boasts two way calling, an SOS call feature and strict safe zones. At any given moment, you can relax knowing that your loved one is safe and that they are able to contact you whenever they like.

As you can see, an elderly tracker watch can go a long way towards keeping a loved one safe. To find out more about using an elderly tracker watch, go to

Is Every Dog Owner Using a GPS Pet Tracker?

If you’re a dog owner, you may have noticed that GPS pet trackers are becoming increasingly popular in the pet community. This time last year, GPS pet trackers where relatively unheard of and only a handful of dog owners where using one. They were so new in fact, that a lot of pet trackers were expensive and hard to come by. However, that is no longer the case. So many people are now using a GPS pet tracker that it often feels as though every single dog owner has one.

Here’s Why You Should Use a GPS Pet Tracker 

  • To Keep Your Dog Safe – If you’re anything like most other dog owners, you’ll want to keep your four legged friend safe at all times. This can be difficult, especially when dogs have a habit of wandering off at the earliest opportunity. Whether your dog likes to escape from the garden or they’re prone to chasing squirrels, a GPS pet tracker can help to keep them safe. Instead of losing them, you’ll know where they are at all times.
  • To Put Your Mind at Ease – Being a dog owner can be stressful, especially if you live in a busy area or somewhere with hazards. In fact, it’s highly likely that you spend a lot of time worrying about where your dog is or what they’re doing. When you’re using a GPS pet tracker, you can relax. Your mind will be put at ease as you’ll be able to check on your pet’s whereabouts from your mobile phone.
  • To Make Dog Walks More Enjoyable – Though we’d all like to enjoy a dog walk as much as our pet, it isn’t always possible. Dogs run off out of sight, they venture close to the road and they chase anything that runs. This can make a dog walk stressful. With a GPS pet tracker, dog walks are much more enjoyable. You won’t find yourself on edge worrying about the worst happening.

To find out more about using a GPS pet tracker or for information on the great PetTrackie features, go to

The Ideal Age for a Kids GPS Watch

It’s hard to say if there’s an ideal age for someone to start using a kids GPS watch, as children and their day to day lives vary hugely. Let’s be honest, no two children are alike. However, it is possible to say that a kids GPS watch starts becoming useful the moment a child expresses a desire for more freedom. A kids GPS watch is there to keep a child safe when they’re away from you. When they’re at an age when they want to spread their wings, a kids GPS watch immediately becomes beneficial.

Who Should Be Using a Kids GPS Watch?

Though there is no set age for who can and cannot benefit from a kids GPS watch, it’s definitely a product that’s more suited to some than others. It’s not a product that would work well for young children who don’t go out and about on their own. As a parent, you’re with them at all times and you know where they are. A kids GPS watch wouldn’t offer any benefits. However, this isn’t the case with children who are slightly older.

When a child is at an age where they want to be hanging out with friends and walking home from school alone, you’ll want to keep them safe. This isn’t always easy, but a kids GPS watch can help matters considerably. This is why we’d recommend a kids GPS watch for children who are old enough to start venturing out more alone and those who want to experience a little bit more freedom. Instead of worrying that they are too young, you can relax knowing that the kids GPS watch has a range of safe features. For example, it boasts two way calling and GPS tracking. It even has an SOS feature for them to use in case of emergency. You won’t need to worry about their safety, as you’ll know where they are at all times.

If one thing’s for sure, ia kids GPS watch can really put a parent’s mind at ease. To find out more about using a kids GPS watch, go to

Let an Elderly Tracker Watch Help You Out

Whether you have used an elderly tracker watch before or not, you are sure to have heard of them. Elderly tracker watches are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. They are a fantastic way to keep elderly friends and family safe, even when you don’t have the time to visit them in person. Taking care of an elderly loved one can be time consuming and stressful, but an elderly tracker watch is there for when you can’t be.

How Can an Elderly Tracker Watch Help You?

Sure, elderly tracker watches have been designed with elderly individuals in mind. However, that’s not to say that they can’t help you also. As someone who has to look after an individual in the later stages of life, you’ll know just how stressful and worrying it can be. It’s difficult to be there for them all the time, but you’re probably torn as you don’t want to leave them. This is where an elderly tracker watch comes in. An elderly tracker watch allows you to keep an elderly individual safe, without needing to be there in person.

With an elderly tracker watch, you can go to work or go home knowing that you’ll be the first to know if a problem occurs. An elderly tracker watch has a number of fantastic features, all of which make it extremely easy for someone to contact you in an emergency. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll know if your friend or relative needs help. Plus, as elderly tracker watches are really easy to use, there’s no risk of complex technology overwhelming them. An elderly tracker watch can also help you by giving your friend or relative a lot more freedom. Instead of being cooped up indoors, they’re able to head out and about with you knowing where they are. With this freedom, they’ll rely on you a lot less.

If you think an elderly tracker watch could be just what you need to keep a loved one safe, you have come to the right place. To find out more about using an elderly tracker watch, go to

Keep Your Dog Safe This Winter With a GPS Pet Tracker

Let’s face it, winter can be an annoying and stressful time for dog owners. Sure, you have someone there to keep you company when it’s cold and wet outside, but taking your dog for a walk isn’t always that appealing. A dog walk can be something you’d rather do without, especially when it’s dark, cold and wet outside. We’d even bet that your dog feels the same, but taking them out for a walk is a must.

Keeping a dog safe when you are out walking during the winter months isn’t always easy. With the nights getting darker and everything seeming an awful lot greyer, losing a dog isn’t as difficult as you may think. This is why we recommend dog owners use a GPS pet tracker.

Why Should You Consider Using a GPS Pet Tracker This Winter?

Thanks to recent developments in technology, it’s now a low easier to keep your dog safe during the winter. Gone are the days of dogs running off, never to be seen again. Now, you can keep an eye on your pet wherever they are. This is all thanks to a GPS pet tracker.

When you take a dog for a walk in the winter, you are faced with poor weather conditions and darkness. You never know when a storm is going to hit and it starts getting darker a lot earlier, usually before you’ve had a chance to take your dog out. In fact, even if you are someone who walks their dog in the morning you may notice that it’s still dark out when you do. This can all lead to dogs becoming lost, as you may lose sight of them even if they’re only a few metres ahead. It can also lead to dogs running away, especially if they are scared of extreme winds and thunder. All of these risks are heavily reduced when you’re using a GPS pet tracker.

As you can see, a GPS pet tracker is a fantastic way to keep your dog safe this winter. To find out more about using a GPS pet tracker or for information on PetTrackie, go to

Are You Finding It Difficult to Convince Your Child to Wear a Kids Tracker Watch?

Deciding that you want your child to wear a kids tracker watch isn’t the hard bit; the hard bit comes with convincing them to wear it on a daily basis. Though some children will be thrilled to have a new accessory to try out, some will want to resist. Luckily, there are things that can help.

How to Get a Child to Wear a Kids Tracker Watch

Let’s face it, getting a child to do anything that they don’t want to can be difficult; children are stubborn. However, that doesn’t mean that getting them to wear a kids tracker watch is impossible. By highlighting the many benefits, you’re sure to show them just how great wearing a kids tracker watch can be.

  • Explain Its Main Features – A kids tracker watch has a number of fantastic features, many of which go above and beyond simply tracking a child’s movement. For example, it offers two way calling. This means that a child can contact you whenever they need to, even if it’s not an emergency. For a child who’s desperate for a mobile phone, this could encourage them to wear the watch as an alternative.
  • Highlight Its Popularity – As kid tracker watches are growing in popularity, it’s a good idea to highlight this to your child. Children are known for only wanting to wear something when it’s deemed to be ‘cool’ and with a lot of children already wearing them, kids tracker watches definitely fall into this category.
  • Talk About Safety – A lot of children don’t know the dangers that they face when walking to and from school, or even when they’re out with friends. This may mean that they’re not entirely clear on why a kids tracker watch is necessary. By talking about the importance of safety and how a kids tracker watch an help, your child is likely to see he benefits.

Once you explain to a child just how beneficial wearing a kids tracker watch is, you’re sure to find that they’re ready and willing to give it a go. To find out more about using a kids tracker watch, go to

Who is Best Suited to an Elderly Tracker Watch?

When it comes to an elderly tracker watch, it’s hard to say who is and who isn’t well suited to using one. This is because an elderly tracker watch can be used in a number of ways. Rather than simply benefiting those with dementia or those who are nervous about heading out alone, they work well for anyone who could benefit from an extra pair of eyes in their day to day life. This versatility is what makes elderly tracker watches so popular.

Who Should Use an Elderly Tracker Watch? 

  • Those With Dementia – When someone has dementia, it’s extremely difficult to leave them whilst you head off to do other things. Though they are likely to be okay, the worry of something going wrong is always there and it can be distracting. This is where an elderly tracker watch comes in to be extremely useful. With an elderly tracker watch, those with dementia can enjoy their day and you can relax knowing that you’ll be the first to know if a problem were to arise.
  • Those Who Are Nervous About Travelling Alone – A lot of elderly people are nervous about travelling alone, as the busy streets can cause them to feel overwhelmed and disorientated. This could be a simple journey to the supermarket or a much longer journey to visit friends. Either way, an elderly tracker watch can help. When wearing an elderly tracker watch, there’s no need to be nervous. You will know where they are at all timed and if something where to go wrong, help can be called immediately.
  • Those Who Are at Risk at Home – As an elderly tracker watch has an emergency call feature, it works well for anyone who is at risk at home. This could be at risk of falling or at risk of needing assistance with a simple task. It can even benefit those who would feel safe and more secure knowing that someone else knows where they are at all times.

It’s always the right time to think about using an elderly tracker watch. To find out more about using an elderly tracker watch, go to




Thousands of Dogs Go Missing Every Year, Could a GPS Tracker for Dogs Help?

Each and every year in the UK, thousands of dogs go missing from their loving homes and owners. There are a number of reasons for this, but many of them simply escape from their back gardens or run off when they are out for a walk. It’s sad, but extremely common. Not only does this put the dog at risk of being injured and lost for good, it’s also a hugely stressful time for the owners. Up until now, not much could be done to prevent dogs from going missing. It was often a case of keeping an eye on them as much as possible and hoping for the best. However, things have changed. This is all thanks to GPS trackers for dogs. With a GPS tracker for dogs, the number of missing dogs could be reduced.

How Can a GPS Tracker for Dogs Help?

A GPS tracker for dogs is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep an eye on your dog at all times. This means that you know where they are and what they are doing, even if they run off and are out of sight. There’s no need to worry about your dog escaping at home or running off when you take them out, as the GPS tracker for dogs allows you to track their every move.

When a dog is wearing a GPS tracker, you can keep track of where they are. When they’re out with you and wander out of sight, you can check the dedicated smartphone app and see where your pet is in relation to you on the map. When they manage to escape from the garden and take off down the road, you can immediately see where they have gone before going to retrieve them. This allows you, as an owner, to truly enjoy the time you spend with and without your dog. Instead of worrying about them going missing, you can relax.

By using GPS trackers for dogs, missing dogs can be found quickly. To find out more about using a GPS tracker for dogs or for information on PetTrackie, go to