A Watch – a Phone and SOS
GPS Location Device All in One!


Watchovers Features

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2 Way Calling

Your watch can make and receive voice calls from your Pre-set numbers


Push One button to make SOS calls & Auto message your emergency contacts simultaneously

GPS Location

See the watch location on your smartphone in real time

Safe Zones

Create virtual outdoor boundaries and receive alerts when the boundaries are breached

Alert Notifications

Receive SOS, Low Battery and SafeZone Alert messages through our App

Safety Monitoring

Listen in silent mode in the event of an accident or if you are concerned

Parental Control

You control who can call the watch and who the watch can call easily though our App

Splash Proof

Your watch can be worn all the time even when washing your hands *
* Charging & Sim ports must be closed properly

Sim Included

Ready to go straight out of the box. Quick set up with 6 easy steps*
* Pre-Paid Monthly, No Contract, ~ Opt Out Anytime

Two Way Calling – it’s a Mobile Phone

Our Watches are mobile phones with their own sim card and phone number. The watch can make and receive phone calls from pre-set telephone numbers with no need for any additional mobile phones or devices, they are stand-alone phones. With the press of a button your loved one can call you quickly and easily, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind and more freedom.

A key safety feature is Parental Control giving you control over the pre-set phone numbers that can call the watch or be called from the watch, eliminating the worry of unsolicited calls.

SOS Emergency

In the event of an emergency, your loved one simply presses the button on the watch for 3 seconds to make an emergency SOS call. Once pressed, the watch will automatically call your emergency numbers and will simultaneously send a notification message to contact numbers through the App on their mobile phone while you can see the watch’s live location on the App.

And being a watch, it is always on hand when it is really needed and not left in a school bag, out of reach, at home or in another room.

GPS Location

When your loved ones are out and about, you can locate them instantly through our App on your smart phone, letting you see where they are no matter how far away. Once you open the location map in our App, the current location will be updated within about 60 seconds.

When outdoors, the watches use GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) to send its position via overhead satellites to pinpoint the watch’s location, with outdoor accuracy of 3 meters to 30 meters.

When indoors, accuracy is reduced from 10 meters to 100 meters or more and can show as the house next door, or further away depending on the proximity to the nearest mobile mast. GPS devices are primarily for outdoor location but remember with two-way voice calling, you can call your loved ones any time.


GEO Fencing allows you to set virtual boundaries on a map to create Safe Zones for your loved one. Set a Safe Zone such as from your house to their school or the shops and can be setup by date. If your loved one leaves or enters a Safe Zone you will receive an alert notification through our App.

The SafeZone diameter varies depending on the watch model but can be set from 500 metre. The minimum radius of 500 meters is to ensure accurate alerts and avoid false alarms. If the wearer goes indoors, the LBS is not as accurate as GPS and therefore a SafeZone set for less than the minimum can result in false alert notifications being sent.*

*See specifications on each watch model for location update frequency as SafeZone boundary alerts are updated at the same time.

Alert Notifications

The Watch will send Alert messages automatically to all guardians of the watch, through the App on their mobile phone for when the battery is low or if the wearer leaves or enters a SafeZone. The emergency contacts also receive the SOS Emergency notifications if the wearer makes an SOS Emergency Call.

You can also send a short text message or reminder alarms to the watch at a pre-set time using the Alarm setting in our App such as “Dinner is Ready” or “Doctors at 4pm”.  The Assure has a multi repeat alarm feature which can be used for repeat reminders such  to take medication.

Listening Safety Monitoring

The Listening Safety or Silent monitor is a great safety feature which allows the Guardian to call the watch when your loved one is uncontactable or cannot answer a call. You can call the watch in silent mode and the watch will answer automatically, allowing the guardian to listen in on the surrounding environment, reassuring you that your loved ones are safe.

This feature is very useful for very young children or if you are concerned that your loved one may have had a fall.

Location History

With Location History, you can see where your loved one has been today, yesterday or last month. This is especially useful where wandering or forgetfulness is a concern.

Simply select a date to see a map showing the history trail on your smartphone of where the watch has been on that date.

Manage Watch Through our App

With our WatchOvers Apps, you can manage your watch contact numbers and all other settings easily from your smartphone, literally putting control in your hands. You control who can call the watch and who the watch can call, keeping your loved ones safe from unsolicited callers. All setting changes take effect immediately and can be changed as often as you like.

The Master Guardian or Administrator controls access to the watch with Sub-Guardians or back up administrators have access to some features such as the location map and can set safe zones for the watch – handy when the wearer is in their care.

Strongest Mobile Signal & No Roaming Charges

With our ‘always roaming’ Spanish sim card included, unlike a standard sim card, they use the strongest mobile network, enabling the watch to get mobile coverage even in weak signal locations, vital in times of emergency.

Your watch is a mobile phone which requires a monthly voice and data mobile bundle to work. Pre-paid monthly, No Contract, Opt Out Anytime, includes 30 minutes talk time, all monthly location data required and there is no expensive roaming charges within 31 European countries.

There are no long contract periods(a maximum contract period of 1 month) which you can cancel any time you wish. Payment set up is easy with no long forms or details to complete. Our Assure watch has an option to use your own sim card.

Monitor all your Loved Ones

Our WatchOvers Apps will allow you add multiple watches to your account so you can monitor all your loved ones from your smart phone within the same account. You can manage all settings for your watches and can share access to your watches with multiple family members, friends or carers.

Providing you with more confidence to give your kids a little more freedom while enjoying extra peace of mind and very handy on days out such as a going to the park, a trip to the Zoo or on holidays when they all head off in different directions. Peace of mind, additional security and confidence with our discreet watches for our senior wearers.

Quick and Easy Set-Up

Your watch is ready to go out of the box and is easy to set up with our 6 step Quick Set-Up Guide. Simply download the App for your model to your Smartphone, add your account settings and your pre-set numbers. No complicated instructions or set up procedures. It’s Child’s Play!

Our Support section on our website covers most questions and explains in detail how each feature works. There are detailed answers to common questions and remember our Support team are on hand to help you if you need assistance. Simply click Contact Us and we will be able to assist you.

Happy Customers

Below are some of our many testimonials from our customers

Brilliant watch and customer service. I wouldn’t be without this for my 9 year son. Gives piece of mind, especially as he has aspergers and isn’t as “street wise” as others his age. Him having the watch allows him a little freedom to go out and play without me pacing up and down. He has used it to contact me whilst being out, and vice Versa. I believe every child should have one of these for safety. I like that u can set boundaries and check up on the gps. Also gives great piece of mind on trips out etc, because we’ve all been there when u loose sight for a split second and go into manic mode!! This happened in a v busy park while my son and his friend were playing together. The other mummy started to panic because she couldn’t see them. So I rang the watch to which he replied they were inside of one of the climbing frames, so I asked him to stand up and wave. My friends were so impressed and asked all about the watch.

Very helpful friendly support team and just a first class product. Highly highly recommend to any parent.

SharonAugust 13, 2016

We are very pleased with the Liberty watch we bought for our 9 year old son. It enables him to roam freely whilst we feel happy that he can contact us if needs must. We were deliberating whether or not to get a mobile phone for him but we were not happy with all of the problems that come with that proposition when my friend showed me her watch. This is such a brilliant idea – it needs a much higher profile, I did a google search and it did not come up, even on Amazon it did not come up under “Watchover” I only found it because it came up on the sidebar under “Other people also looked at” when I was looking at a similar product. I have shown mine to two other friends and I suspect they will purchase one when their children are a little older.

K WynnJune 15, 2016

I had the pleasure of trialing one of your watches and would like to take this opportunity to offer you some feedback. The reason for contacting you was twofold; 1, I work as a Psychotherapist with adolescents and parents and 2, I have a son with Type 1 Diabetes. On a personal level, the watch has given our son freedom that is age appropriate and support that is literally on hand if needed. On a professional level, my wife is Director of Counselling at Knock Counselling Centre. She has informed participants of your product and the potential benefits. I understand that the Diabetic Nursing Team at Mayo General Hospital now include WatchOvers in their information pack for parents of children diagnosed with Diabetes. It’s also worth noting that Fiona and the WatchOvers team have been very helpful (and patient!) with any queries we have had.

That’s it for now, if I have any further thoughts or comments as we use the watch, I’ll let you know. We are happy to be ambassadors for your fledgling company. Congratulations and good luck.

Peter DeversApril 21, 2016

We love our watch, our Dad wears it all the time which gives him and all of us great comfort. Thanks Watchovers, great service, we are telling all our friends about you now.

M Higgins

Excellent customer service and the watch its superb. Very happy will the purchase and will buy another one for my younger son when hi start school in September .;-) thank you


As a child protection investigator it’s imperative I find the right device for my clients. Over the last 3 months I’ve been piloting 6 different children’s tracking devices. After rigorous tests I can honestly say that the Watchover device is so far superior than all the other devices we’ve piloted. The fact that a child can speak with a family member at the push of a button if in danger is special. Take a bow the Watchover team I will be hopefully purchasing more of your devices soon.

Stuart Davison

Bought this watch in white for my 8 year old daughter after a lot of research. Have not been disappointed, this in my opinion is by far the best out there and it looks great. Being able to connect with your child is a simple process once the device has been setup and the subscription enabled. Did have a couple of teething problems with pairing the phone app, but I got first class support from the Watchovers team. We are into week 4 and it’s working perfectly. I cannot recommend the watch highly enough, it’s simply fantastic. Thank you Watchovers.

John Gobbi

It does what it says on the tin. Bought Chinese watch first which was hopeless. This was dearer but you can speak to real people whose first language is English. It works exactly as described. I had a few queries which were dealt with promptly. Set up is as simple as it should be. Recommended.

David S


Liberty Watch from WatchOvers